Trump Furious: Sends Stern Warning to Iran Over Plot to Kill US Ambassador

Iran has been silent for the past several months regarding their empty threats and attacks. But ripples of defiance have started to creep out of their infested country as they make claims that they are going to kill Lana Marks, who is the ambassador to South America.

Iran is still upset about the death of their crazy general, Qassem Soleimani. It has taken them almost a year to get their act together to be even able to make such a threat.

Intelligence reports are giving details of the plot. The motive behind their actions is simply to try and beat the United States at least one conflict. Something that they have not been able to do since the president took office in 2016.

The threats made against Marks are nothing new. Iran has been making them for some time but has never had the means to act on them. What is known is that Iran will use their own people at their embassy to come over and try to assassinate the ambassador. It has taken them almost a year to come up with something to throw back at the United States.

The death of Soleimani was good news to the world. His death at the hands of the mighty United States military sent ripples of deterrence throughout Iran. It is only now that their sad little leaders have crawled out from under their beds to do something back.

Marks has been serving as the ambassador for nearly a year. She is a Trump supporter and knows how important it is to continue serving as president. Her knowledge of South African culture and her ability to speak their languages made her the perfect choice for the job. She has only strengthened the ties between the two countries.

There is no reason for Iran to target marks other than Iran has resources available to them in South Africa. Speculation dictates that her friendship with the president makes her the perfect target. It seems that Iran needed an easy target, and Marks just happened to be in an area that they could attack her.

Back in the 1970s, Iran had the power to assassinate people and hold people hostage. But ever since President Trump took office, they have lost the ability to fund such endeavors. Iran has lost its strength because it no longer has the money to run a military effectively. The sanctions put in place by President Trump are working great at keeping Iran from killing thousands of people.

Under Soleimani’s leadership, Iran made plans to kill people and attack American locations in the Middle East. He had plans to destroy all kinds of installations and sites. But he was stopped short when the president ordered the drone to target and blow the sadistic man into the next world.

Whatever response Iran has in mind to avenge the general’s death, it is clear that the United States is ready. One would think that when Iran attacked the al-Asad military base in Iraq that the matter would be over. But Iran is never satisfied with any kind of retaliation. They are very much like the rioters in Portland and other cities. They look for any reason to resort to violence.

Iran’s interest in South Africa only extends as far as their uranium stashes. They need to have a good relationship with them in order for them to have access to that nuclear material. Iran may claim that they want it for energy purposes, but their actions tell another story. They are still into making bombs to kill the world.

President Trump is taking the threat from Iran seriously. Mark’s life is in danger, and she will need added security and intervention to keep Iran from taking her life. Her friendship with the president is the only reason why Iran wants to kill her.

But one thing is for sure, and that is Iran is suffering under the sanctions. They cannot execute a complex operation because they no longer have the funds to carry it out. They are losing, and unless they agree to terms dictated by the president, they will soon fail as a nation.