Trump Received Award for Being the Greatest President and It Drove the Media Nuts

The demonic Democrats just cannot seem to get out from under the mighty thumb of Donald Trump. The very mention of his name sends fear and anxiety throughout their entire party.

Their sole purpose for the first month of Biden’s reign of terror has been to erase Trump from the annals of history. But his name is intricately woven into the very fabric of America that thinks America means to think Trump.

Democrats look to discredit the former president any way that they can. They continue to try and blame him for the messes that they are creating. They just cannot get away from the man.

When Trump took office, he was elected to do work in this country that no one had ever done before. He was asked to be the president of the people and not the dollar. The self-made billionaire took it upon himself to refuse monetary gain and to focus every ounce of strength he had on making America great again.

That motto has stuck and is driving the Democrats crazy. Their version of greatness is a place where they rule on high, and the people are the footstools to the elite. But Trump’s America is patterned after the Constitution, where the people have the final say, and the government serves the people.

Donald Trump has won the hearts and minds of every American. And to really rub salt in the Democrat’s wounds, the Republican Party in Alabama took the time to pass a resolution that names Trump as “one of” history’s “greatest and most effective” presidents. And with this statement, the nation stands in honor of his work.

Trump was brought in to accept an award honoring him for his work. The resolution stated that “Whereas, President Donald J. Trump was one of the greatest and most effective presidents in the 245-year history of this Republic…”

They went on to note that Donald Trump is known to have accomplished “the American people and the American worker first, delivering a COVID-19 vaccine in record time, enacting the largest tax cut in history, withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, pulling out of NAFTA, standing up to China, signing the United States-Mexico Trade Agreement, leaving the Paris (climate) Agreement, accomplishing record-low unemployment, appointing three conservative Supreme Court justices, bolstering the military, exiting the Iran nuclear deal, restoring America’s standing in the world, moving the U.S. Embassy to Israel, initiating the Israel-UAE accord.”

These tasks and many more are just a few of the things that the Democrats would love to forget. But the Alabaman Republican Party has seen to it that his name is etched in stone for all time.

And the best part of the presentation is what was said at the end. They stated that “Whereas, President Trump accomplished more in 48 months than Joe Biden did in 48 years as a senator and vice president.”

It’s a surprise that Biden has not retaliated in some fashion to get back at the state conservatives. Democrats just hate having their favorite crazy man president pushed into the mud. And as always, the liberal media refuses to cover the honor because they hate the greatest president this country has ever seen.

Perry Hopper Jr. is a former state Rep. He stated that “The resolution, basically, it just talks about the greatness of Donald J. Trump, how he made America great again and I hope other states will follow suit.”

There is a sense of greatness that continues to present itself even though Biden seeks to destroy it all. The desire is to honor a man that was willing to stand up to the nonsense that the liberals like to play with. He took a stand against the corruption that the media loves to hide on behalf of the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump took a divided country and made life great for every person. It did not matter what the color of their skin was or how much they made. All Americans were put at the top of his list and given a chance to do something great for themselves because that is what it means to live in America.