Trump Shuts the Mouths of Every Liberal Naysayer with the Passage of What no Other President Could Accomplish

Liberals are quick to point out how President Trump is destroying the environment. What they have failed to realize is how every one of his environmental decisions was not made with the intent of what they have falsely accused him of. But as usual, the radical left cannot see past the end of their noses.

After recently signing a new conservation bill official known as H.R. 1957, or the “Great American Outdoors Act,” (GAOA), Trump just rubbed their liberal noses in the huge pile of smelly ‘doo-doo’ they have so unjustifiably been defecating.

Immediately upon signing the bill, Senator Mitch McConnell was quick to tweet his unyielding approval. “President Trump just signed the Great American Outdoors Act into law. The GAOA will protect our country’s natural treasures and promote recreation and conservation for generations thanks to the strong leadership of @SenCoryGardner and @SteveDaines.”

One of the main supporters of the bill who worked emphatically to assure the passage, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), also went straight to Twitter to express his joy over the successful passage of the bipartisan bill.

“This completes decades of bipartisan work to fully and permanently #FundLWCF and will provide jobs for the American people, economic stimulus to communities in need, and ensure future generations can enjoy the #GreatOutdoors.”

David Bernhardt, U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary, a brief statement, spelled out the significance of the highly heralded accomplishment.

“The first is the establishment of the national parks and public lands Legacy Fund, which is a fund that would be up to $1.9 billion per year over five years, that will be utilized to address. United States significant maintenance backlog at national parks, wildlife refuges, public lands, and even Indian schools with a very significant commitment to the to our deferred maintenance challenge.”

“This legislation contains permanent funding for the Illinois Water Conservation Fund. In the tune of $900 million a year,” Bernhardt continued. “This is basically reaffirming and establishing the commitment made in 1964 with the Land and Water Conservation Fund commitment that has virtually never been fully funded.”

Vice President Mike Pence, Melania Trump, and Ivanka Trump were also instrumental in pushing the legislation through. And as one might guess, their input was highly influential.

Liberals may assume how the bill’s passage is nothing more than a re-election ploy at their expense, but nothing could be more false. The bill had nothing whatsoever to do with the upcoming election or them.

Bernhardt went on to say, “Five presidents have worked on addressing this issue, and none of them were able to come up with the legislative proposal that would get over the goal line. And here, President Trump combining these two proposals challenged Congress to move forward. And Congress moved forward with a large bipartisan majority in, really, incredible time.”

As it stands now, state and local governments will receive 40% of the funds to expand recreational facilities and to improve land conservation. The remaining funds will stay with the federal government to be used for expanding national recreation facilities and for additional land purchases to be enjoyed by all.

To say our President couldn’t care less about the environment would be a bald-faced lie, and he just proved how wrong the liberal-left has been all along. Every step the President has taken in his efforts to maintain the environment has come to fruition.

And he did it the right way by taking one step at a time. Having nothing left to complain about, the left-wingers have remained silent on the issue. They’ve tucked their tails in shame.

As one might expect, President Trump had a few words of his own to add. And boy did he ever add them.

“And we’re here today to celebrate the passage of truly landmark legislation that will preserve America’s majestic natural wonders, priceless historic treasures—and that’s exactly what they are—grand national monuments and glorious national parks.”

“This is a very big deal.  And from an environmental standpoint and from just the beauty of our country standpoint, there hasn’t been anything like this since Teddy Roosevelt, I suspect.”

Trump is exactly correct. He is indeed America’s “Environment President.”

Trump 2020. Get out there and vote.