Trump Stormed NH and Shook Up Democrats on Eve of Primary

President Trump knows exactly how to get on the nerves of disruptive Democrats. All of their fighting and accusations against each other are nothing compared to the fight that President Trump has brought as the campaign votes take place around the nation.

President Trump is encouraging his supporters to go to the polls and vote for the “weakest candidate” so the Democrats will ultimately lose in the coming election.

President Trump wisely stated that “I hear a lot of Republicans tomorrow will vote for the weakest candidate possible for the Democrats. You can vote for the weakest candidate.”

The Democrats are all confused about why some weaker candidates are showing strength. But this just proves that the methods of the president are working.

The president has every right to fight against the Democrats. After what they have done to him the past three years, they deserve everything that he is throwing their way. In New Hampshire, all undeclared voters can vote in either party’s election. There are nearly 500,000 voters that can do exactly what President Trump telling them to do. This is enough to upset the balance of votes in the state.

Bernie Sanders is the one that President Trump would love to run against. And it looks like that just might be the case as the president’s supporters stage Sanders to win in each primary election.

Bernie Sanders is the least favorite of the American people. He is a socialist that seeks only to control and destroy the American people. President Trump has reassured the people that “America will never be a socialist country.”

The majority of people hate socialism as they have seen what it does to people and other nations. There is nothing good that comes out of the theory. California is living proof that socialist ideas do not work. But the fight that president is waging against the Democrats is confusing to them as they appear all shaken up over what he is saying.

President Trump stated in a tweet that “Will be in Manchester, New Hampshire, tonight for a big Rally. Want to shake up the Dems a little bit — they have a really boring deal going on. Still waiting for the Iowa results, votes were fried. Big crowds in Manchester!” He expects that there will be some major developments from how he is shaking them all up.

The president was quick to point out the incompetence of the Democrat’s failure to total their votes. Even after a week, there are votes that are still missing. President Trump would prove that point as he would say during his speech that “They don’t know what they’re doing, they can’t even count their votes.” And he is right that they do not know what they are doing as is seen in the way Congress was run for the past two years.

The Democratic Party is the biggest circus to ever travel the country. Much of what the president said during his speech was proving that the Democrats are a bunch of clowns. He pointed out that “The extreme left has been wasting America’s time with this vile hoax.”

The hoax that he is referring to is the impeachment. Even after his acquittal, the Democrats are still trying to push the issue hoping that some crack remains that they can convict him with.

President Trump also pointed out the Pelosi was so scared and frazzled during his State of the Union speech that she mumbled things through it. She just could not accept all the positive things that were happening around her. President Trump knows exactly how to get on the Democrat’s nerves.

In an all-out jump on their nerves, the president brought Rush Limbaugh onto the stage and presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

This was a major slap in the Democrat’s face as they hate Limbaugh because he constantly tells the truth of their terrible ways to the people all around the country. President Trump is having his revenge now that all the fake accusations have been put to rest.