Trump’s Appearance at LSU Bama Game Says it All

There are a thousand reports, a thousand more surveys, and a thousand more stories about the President’s popularity and approval. Sometimes, however, instead of trying to decipher the truth among it all, all we need to do is pay attention.

There was a very big game this weekend on the college football landscape with National coverage and millions watching, and an appearance by the President. What transpired in those moments may have said it all.

The stage was set for this game, one that CBS reported, peaked at over 20 million viewers! In attendance down in the heart of the south was more than 100,000 football fans for this college gameday event – and it was an event.

The Crimson Tide and that machine their coach Nick Saban has built, that can sometimes look like a monster, was rolling along toward another National Championship run. Enter the feisty and long-time arch-rivals, the LSU Tigers, on a magical season of their own, and the collision was imminent.

Late afternoon, in the eye of the setting sun, and this one was living up to all expectations and exceeding most. It was a battle between two heavyweight champions, it was Balboa vs whoever the next movie opponent is, trading shots, round after round. Bama’ had to overcome a double-digit deficit, LSU had to overcome not one or two, but many countershots from their powerful football nemesis, both did.

In the end, however, LSU prevailed 46 – 41, but they may not have been the only winner declared this day. This crowd of college students, alumni, parents, teachers, faculty members, and university supporters were amped up for this one – and for one special guest and his wife too.

When the President and the First Lady were introduced to the crowd, it wasn’t only as if a touchdown was scored but it more like a game-winning touchdown was scored. Chants of “USA” were started, and the President enthusiastically responded. The applause was thunderous.

The President was even moved enough to tweet, “Such an amazing game & place!” that he attached to a video of the crowds’ response following his introduction. One story covering the President’s appearance at the game also shared a quote from Donald Trump Jr. who said regarding the President’s video and tweet, “why are we not seeing wall to wall coverage of crowd responses anymore? I was under the impression that they were very newsworthy last week?”

Certain left-driven and agenda-led media sources and outlets made a rather big deal over the negative reaction of the crowd when the President made an appearance at the World Series recently. Of course, the overwhelmingly Democratic demographics of Washington (where the game was held) made that type of response more expected than unusual. Of course, the reports wouldn’t tell it that way.

So yes, in front of 20 million viewers, in the midst of a crowd of 100,000 strong, this applause this day at this game meant something. If you haven’t been to a place like Tuscaloosa, Alabama then you may not understand completely. These are the places we find in the heart of the Midwest, the South, and throughout the Western plains that are the meeting of hard-work and brains.

These are the people who farm, raise livestock, and build the backbone of America with intellect and muscle, smarts and grit. These are America’s cowboys, farmers, union-workers, and this is the fabric of our country. Those were the people cheering the President and his wife, and that says it all.

Why don’t we see more positive press surrounding the President like this? That is a very good question indeed Donald Trump Jr., but we all know (as recent media scandals like CNN’s have proven), what the answer is.

Fortunately, there are somewhere between 100 thousand and 20 million folks who are listening to a lot more than the mainstream media. A great day for football, a great atmosphere for a great game, and a great day for a President who has been committed to making America great again.