Trump’s Biggest Financial Donors Are Backing a Democrat with Good Reason

AOC. The very sight of these three initials causes neck hairs to spring upright and stomachs to begin begging for a hardy dose of Pepto. What could be worse, you ask? Having to look at her.

Especially during these days of social distancing, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, face jammed squarely into her laptop’s webcam, shaking her finger and spitting at her computer screen, has made it her regular habit of letting us all in on how horrible our country is. It doesn’t conform to her high standards and there’s only one guy to blame. President Donald J. Trump.

When AOC first arrived on the political scene like a ravenous underfed and underloved lioness, Democrats praised her spunkiness as a new and fresh emerging voice to be reckoned with. This little Latino girl was cannonballing her way straight into the deep end with no reservations. She was on fire.

Then came the pride of her accomplishments. Her proposed “Green Deal” instantly changed the expression of every American to a deer-in-the-headlights look. Surely this must be a prank. Where’s the hidden camera? But there was no camera.

As AOC continually loses her marbles in public view, not only have her previous supporters had enough of her lamebrain antics, so have the Trump supporters whose aim it is to dethrone little Ms. Negativity. Some of them are putting their money behind AOC’s Democrat candidate, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. figuring anything would be better than the confused Ms. AOC.

Broadcaster Stanley Hubbard, Venture Capitalist Darren Blanton, Financier Nelson Patz, and Venture Capitalist Walter Buckley, who have all heavily donated to Trumps’ reelection campaign, pulled out their wallets in support of Caruso-Cabrera, each one respectively kicking in $5600. While this may appear as too small of a contribution to matter, bear in mind how this is a more localized election that hasn’t the need for millions of dollars to be successful.

New York’s 14th Congressional District is fairly expansive, covering the areas of Astoria, Sunnyside, the Jackson Heights, Parkchester, Morris Park, City Island, Throgs Neck located in the Bronx. Democrat Caruso-Cabrera is considered a moderate as compared to AOC’s off-the-hook liberal stance.

But perhaps Caruso-Cabreras’ best defense against AOC lies in her staunch pro-business stance which rings the bell for Democrats and Republicans alike. Where AOC has wasted her time and taxpayers money arguing about all of the wrong things, her opposition prefers building the district into a series of safe and thriving communities for the express benefit of all who reside there. Quite a concept, don’t you think? Especially for a Democrat.

During a recent political debate between the two candidates, AOC was asked if she would be inclined to raise taxes on the wealthy if given the chance. Her answer was a resounding yes, as was the answer from the third candidate of little significance, a fellow by the name of Badrun Khan, whose name you’ll never hear again.

Cabrera said no way. In fact, she went on to say how she would not even consider raising anyone’s taxes this fiscal year in light of the coronavirus pandemic which has already taken a bad enough toll on citizens. She easily whittled her half-witted opponents into toothpicks.

What it all comes down to is AOC’s indecisive behavior. From day to day nobody knows which way her deranged mind will erupt, and what her topic will be, AOC has at times thrown her full support behind Donald Trump, but of course, the liberal media does their best to keep these types of things under wraps so we don’t all get the right idea about things.

But those times when AOC opposes our president, which is more often than not, all hellfire breaks loose as flames starting shooting out of her nose. And you don’t think the media for one second is gonna let something like that get off of their hooks, do you? Truth be known. The only reason AOC stays in the news, to begin with, is for her sheer entertainment value.

So while AOC has been at least good for laughs and for giving us lots to talk about, we’re tired of the show. And you can be certain that when Trump’s biggest financial donors start backing a Democrat just to rid the political world of a worthless parasite, AOC should start hunting a new career. Maybe as a bartender?