Turtles Forced by Liberals to Wear a Mask as Virus Ends Its Debut

The Democrats are quick to claim that the environment needs to be saved. They yell and scream when a Republican flies on a plane, but they get quiet when they are caught doing it themselves. And their hypocrisy gets worse the more it is revealed through their actions. The Democrats are not only killing off America they are killing off the environment as well.

The hypocrites’ yell and scream are seen through how they cry about the materials that make up a normal life. They hate plastic straws because the material cannot decompose and ends up in the ocean for the fish to enjoy. And they certainly do not like car emissions but are reluctant to give them up themselves.

The pandemic has brought to light another issue that reveals more the duplicity that defines the nasty Democrats. The liberals want to push masks on everyone, but they never stopped to think about where those masks would end up. Trillions of masks being thrown away each month are ending up in the oceans of the world.

The Democrats pushed the pandemic issue so hard that they willingly forgot about the environmental issues that they cry about on the other side of the fence. They do not stop to think that it is possible to deal with both issues without a lot of effort. The material used in the protective gear is just as bad as those plastic straws that they claim pollute the oceans.

It was discovered according to a report that “A year ago, the idea that disposable face masks, gloves, and wipes could become global environmental pollutants was not a pressing concern. Personal protective equipment, PPE for short, was seen as essential for preventing the spread of COVID-19. No one imagined just how much of it would be needed, for so long. Then production exploded—and now the litter is inescapable.”

The number of disposable gloves and other gear makes the liberals out to be the worst polluters ever to walk to the earth. The Republicans wanted to stop using the gear so much, but the Democrats continue to push for its continued use. The report noted that “Globally, 65 billion gloves are used every month. The tally for face masks is nearly twice that—129 billion a month. That translates into 3 million face masks used per minute.”

And those numbers are just for giggles since “A separate study reports that 3.4 billion face masks or face shields are discarded every day. Asia is projected to throw away 1.8 billion face masks daily, the highest quantity of any continent globally. China, with the world’s largest population (1.4 billion) discards nearly 702 million face masks daily.”

And it should be mentioned that natural resources were used in the manufacturing of each glove and mask that the turtles are now using at the bottom of the ocean. Not only are humans suffering under liberal nonsense, but the turtles are dodging the masks that entrap them and cause them to drown.

The nasty Democrats are the worst violators. They strap three masks to their faces multiple times a day and expect people never to notice that they are filling up the oceans with their fearful pandemic pushing lies.

The turtles are the ones that are suffering under the pathetic fear of the Democrats. They are willing to lie about the virus so that they can stay in power for a few more days. They do not care that they are killing the environment and everything else that lives in the depths of oceans.

The science they ignore has been screaming for months that the pandemic is long gone, and the virus is not as nasty as they thought it was going to be. But anyone that talks with a Democrat about the matter will be met with hostility and terror as they refuse to admit their error.

The nasty side of the pandemic has never been the effects of the virus. It is the liberal political agenda that seems to have stitched itself to the nasty bug. COVID-19 killed a lot of people, but the Democrats killed an entire nation.