Twitter CEO Jack Dempsey Divorced His Sugar-Daddy Without Alimony

FDR had all ears glued to radio speakers when he would address the nation. Being the actor that he was, Reagan loved sprucing up and tilting his head to one side for television cameras. But then along came Donald Trump.

Trump didn’t have to wait on any crews to set up, he had the power in the palm of his hands to say whatever he wanted to, whenever he wanted to. A luxury not afforded to FDR or Reagan. And he used it. Sometimes hourly. Sometimes in short little 280 character sprees that would continually follow one another.

The president’s chosen platform for which to express his views was Twitter. But Twitter got tired of his tweets so they gave him the bird. He’s forever banned from reaching his gazillions of followers on their platform.

It was more than a coincidence how Trump’s expulsion came immediately following the Capitol building ruckus. It was Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who made the decision. After circling the wagons with his colleagues, Dorsey said Trump must pay a top price for spitting out post-election misinformation and for stirring up his extremist base.

Dorsey has cut out the tongue of a sitting president, or the thumbs as the case may be. He has singlehandedly muted President Trump who by the way is still in office.

Sure Trump can still call press conferences and do random interviews, but he’s more of a spur of the moment kind of guy who much prefers blasting out his feelings at any given moment, even if some people don’t like what he has to say. It’s who he is. And by the way, Twitter is losing money.

If a Twitter subscriber is looking for updates on the news or legitimate articles, they’re all over the place and easy to find. But this is not how the platform makes its money. Subscribers want to see people scrap, especially politicians. They want a chance to rebut, accept, or even condemn what was tweeted. Unfiltered spontaneity is the name of the game.

Twitter matched Trumps’ desires perfectly. It’s a platform where insults, snap decisions, the spreading of fake news, and oversimplifying the complex was not only encouraged but oftentimes rewarded with massive followings. He became addicted to it.

Now that Trump can no longer do this, Twitter is losing subscribers left and right. Trump was their biggest draw. But Jack Dorsey, being the foolish man he is, divorced his sugar-daddy. And there’s no alimony.

Though Trump has never been cautious about anything he says or does for that matter, only Twitter subscribers were privy to a daily dose of his sometimes irrational and highly toxic tweets. It’s what they logged in for. Whether he was insulting Stormy Daniels looks and character or accusing Joe Scarborough of murdering someone, he drew a crowd to the tune of millions of clicks per day.

But Trump took things further. He communicated openly with world leaders, sometimes with threats, for all to see. He would surprise his own staff by announcing decisions he had made without their assistance. Sometimes for kicks, he would tweet a sort of word puzzle for readers to interpret. It drove conspiracy theorists and journalists crazy.

In the overall scheme of things, plenty of Twitter users are equally as crass, if not more so, than Trump ever was, but they don’t have huge followings, and therein lies the only difference. Besides them not being the President of the United States and all…

It’s called shooting yourself in the foot, and Dempsey now has a hole in his the size of Texas. Who needs Twitter anyway? Do you?