Twitter Ramps up Their Fight Against Free Speech and Democracy, Bans Investigative Journalist Paul Sperry

Sperry was also responsible for reporting on the plan that was hatched to remove Trump from office. That’s why he had to go. The powers that be over at Twitter could not stand for that. Investigative journalism is taking a major hit lately. They are only okay with investigative journalism when people are attacking the orange man that they hate so much.

Anything that might make them look bad? That needs to be swept under the rug entirely. Project Veritas and the Gateway Pundit have already been removed from our Twitter timelines because of their willingness to tell the truth. How many more truth tellers are going to be silenced before the American people as a whole decide to wake up and smell the java?

Our friends over at the Pundit reached out to Sperry in the wake of his suspension and he had some very strong words to offer. Even the liberals may want to listen to this one. It won’t be long before they are also being silenced. They don’t think that they are going to experience this type of discrimination because their opinions are always so correct.

However, Sperry’s words should not fall on deaf ears, no matter which side of the aisle you identify with. “There were no warnings. No rules were broken They just don’t like my content because of their politics. They’re trying to claim I’m a “robot” when of course they know better. Tyrants. This is the second time I’ve been harassed since Trump was banned. They are trying to push me off their platform and silence my voice through harassment. If they can harass and silence a professional journalist, they can silence anybody,” said Sperry.

This should give all of us pause. He’s 100 percent correct. Professional journalists are being silenced every day now and the leftists are not grasping how serious this is. Sperry is considered to be one of their enemies and that’s why they do not mind seeing him shut down. That’s how they felt about Project Veritas and the Gateway Pundit as well.

But what happens when everyone has been silenced and we are only given the chance to take in news that has been pre-approved? The far left might believe that this is the best way to go but anyone with half a brain can see how this is going to end up. Once they are also included among the groups of people that can no longer speak their minds, they are going to change their tune really fast.

That’s how it goes when the left gets involved. They cannot be expected to care about anything until it has started to affect them in a more direct manner. These folks cannot fathom what it might be like for them to start caring about something because it is the right thing to do. Remember, these are the people who claim that they have all of the empathy in the world, though. No one cares about others as much as they do!

At least, that’s what they try to tell people whenever they are called out over their hateful commentary. Sperry is trying his absolute best to warn everyone but no one wants to truly engage with what he is saying. The country functions best when both sides are able to speak their minds without fear of being silenced. That’s not something that the left is comfortable with. That’s why they are sending