Two Vice Principals Arrested for Not Reporting Sexual Assaults

Kirill Shashkov /

Imagine finding out that your child was sexually assaulted at school – and that nothing happened. The school didn’t report it to the authorities and they didn’t let you know about it, either. As we shared yesterday, the vice principals at Carter High School in Rialto, California, Yang and Harris, decided they would stay silent after a girl reported the assault. Unfortunately, it wasn’t limited to just one girl or one assault, either.

The mother of one of the young girls told NBC Los Angeles that when her daughter reported the alleged assault to one of the principals, she was brushed off. Her father told the media that his daughter was told “Maybe it was the way you were dressed or you might be seeking attention.”

This response from the vice principal cause her to keep quiet because the girl was afraid she would get expelled from school, according to her mother. The parents also said that the suspect began stalking their daughter.

Both parents claim that they did not know about the assault allegation until last week. Their daughter was complaining to school officials that the suspect was harassing her and one of the officials called the parents. That’s when the daughter told her mother about the assault and her report to the principals back in November.

The victim’s parents were obviously outraged that they had not been notified of the incident happened.

“They failed to notify us, they failed to notify police,” the father said.

The mother was the first one to call the police to alert them about the alleged attack.

The male suspect, in this case, was given a citation and then released into the custody of his parents. Criminal charges are pending and being filed, according to the police. The district attorney on the case, Jason Anderson, said in a statement, “The Assistant Principals’ failure to report sexual assault on their campus erodes the trust that students and parents alike should have regarding the safety and protection of all the children in their care.” He also noted that the failure to function as mandated reporters and notify law enforcement likely led to further victimizations of two more students.

The police said that the latter alleged assaults were preventable. California schools have to do better. Girls will never report assaults if they feel as though nothing will happen.