Gun Group Pushes for Super PAC

Gun Group Pushes for Super PAC

( – There’s no doubt the Second Amendment is under attack. President Joe Biden has made it very clear he wants to pass gun control laws. Now, a gun rights organization is getting involved in the political process to help defend the rights of the American people.

On May 12, Fox News published an exclusive report about the US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) launching a super PAC dubbed the US Concealed Carry Association for Saving Lives. The Wisconsin-based gun rights group plans to use the organization to expand support for concealed carry reciprocity bills and to educate people. Concealed carry reciprocity is when a person’s concealed carry permit is valid in multiple states.

The organization believes everyone has the “natural born right” to keep their families safe. They believe expanding gun rights is the way to ensure people are able to do that and the new group will further that cause. People who want to help them can visit Win Red.

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