Joe Biden Calls in Trump Hires for Task

Joe Biden Calls in Trump Hires for Task

( – The Biden administration is edging closer to admitting it’s lost control of our borders after the Department of Justice hired 17 new immigration judges – most of them selected by President Trump. Now the Left is angry at its own president, while sensible Americans wonder if it’s too little, too late.

On May 6, the DOJ announced it had hired the first 17 of 100 new judges who’ll assess migrants and decide if they should be allowed to stay in the US. Open borders activists had been hoping Biden would fill the slots with lawyers who’ve made their careers representing illegals. Instead, all of them were conditionally hired by the previous administration. The Biden DOJ simply confirmed the hires decided by the Trump administration, and the Left is mad.

Paul Schmidt, a former immigration judge and current professor at Georgetown Law School, whined, “This is a list I would have expected out of Bill Barr or Jeff Sessions.” Schmidt sees that as a bad thing; people who want secure borders might disagree.

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