US GENERAL: Reveals Who Really Attacked and Killed Troops in Iraq

Iran is always looking for ways to kill Americans or people that they think are their enemies. Iran is said to be behind the recent attacks in Iraq that had killed three soldiers. The tiny nation must think that they are big shots simply because they can wage a terror attack in another country. They know that in an all-out war with the United States that they would lose big time. This is why they attack at night instead of in the daytime.

Kenneth McKenzie is the general who is in charge of the forces in Iraq. He stated that “The Iranian proxy group Kata’eb Hezbollah is the only group known to have previously conducted an indirect fire attack of this scale against U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq.” They simply wait until they have enough money to buy rockets and then attack.

Iran is having to rely on its secret cell groups for help. The nation is so crippled that they could not wage a war if they wanted to do so. McKenzie has pointed out that Iran is having to get creative to attack the United States, but the cell group is their favorite. The obsolete militia was able to launch 18 rockets at the base. It has been nearly three months since they have been able to do anything but cry about the sanctions.

The attackers take the rocket tubes and mount them into the back of a truck. From there they simply drive to a remote location a few miles away from their target and start firing. The rocket tubes remain hidden until they are needed. Usually, a tarp or cover is used to conceal the weapons until it is time to use them.

These recent attacks are going to have consequences. Mike Pompeo has worked with Great Britain and a response is coming. Pompeo stated that “Today’s deadly attack on Iraq’s Camp Taji military base will not be tolerated. @DominicRaab and I agree — those responsible must be held accountable.” Iran just cannot resist poking the lion with a stick. Eventually, the lion is going to take them out.

Ben Wallace from Great Britain smeared the cowards and said that they were not friends of the Iraqi people. No one in their right mind is going to attack and kill their citizens. He would state that “Last night’s attack on UK and coalition personnel was a cowardly and retrograde act. The men and women of the UK armed forces are in Iraq to help that country establish stability and prosperity. The people that did this are not friends of Iraq.”

American forces are keeping the peace in several areas around the world. These locations have become friends of the country and need help keeping the evil militias from taking over again. This is the best that Iran can do. They have to hire their own thugs to enact revenge on the United States This is one reason why President Trump is confident that Iran’s defeat is close. They cannot continue to operate without funds from their oil reserves.

Iran is close to having two aircraft carriers unleash their fury on their intolerant nation. Their leaders continue to defy the west. They continue to seek their own nuclear weapons program for the sole purpose of attacking Israel. The leaders of Iran are not peaceful. They would rather drag Americans through the streets of their major cities for the sole purpose of showing their hatred.

The end of Iran is coming. For decades, they have caused nothing but trouble for nations around them. President Trump has a plan in mind and is patiently seeing it through. The heavy sanctions are bringing the stubborn nation to its knees. Their people are turning into fans of the United States because they are tired of the fake political rhetoric that Iran’s leaders promote. In the meantime, Iran has a few more days of mercy before they will fill the full wrath of true freedom. President Trump cares about the people of Iran so much that he would rather negotiate than attack and see the ge