USAF Active Duty Sgt Ambushes Deputy and is Now Charged with Murder

America’s law enforcement officers are receiving the worst possible rap for their attempts at quelling the violence at what liberal media outlets are falsely portraying as peaceful protests. Radical left-wingers with no other agenda than to further stir the pot of discourse, have made certain, peacefulness will not occur.

Disruptive violence, widespread looting, and the targeting of law enforcement officials have tainted America’s streets, painting them the favorite shade of the radical left, blood red.

Let’s be perfectly clear about who these thugs are ridiculously pointing to as the bad guys. The evil men and women who they claim are totally responsible for every single act of racism ever perpetrated on humankind.

The delicate victims who did nothing more than willfully and defiantly breaking the law, many times in only the most violent of fashions, are, blaming the cops. The very same law officers who are currently risking their lives protecting us from theses peacefully protesting hoodlums.

They’re pinning the rap on law enforcement for infringing on the God-given rights of criminals to conduct illicit activities without fear of retribution. They’ve had enough of Johnny-law making their chosen professions difficult. And those pigs surely haven’t the right to protect themselves, and bystanders, with any dangerous show of force. Someone might get hurt.

Many of our law enforcement agents are military veterans who logically transitioned into careers best suited for their taught skill-sets. It isn’t always so much about their expert weapons and hand-to-hand combat training.

It has much more to do discipline. It’s hard to teach and most veterans come already fully equipped. They know when to employ their lethal tactics versus when diplomacy might be a better option for achieving the identical results. Discipline is by far a veteran’s greatest asset.

Of course, in every facet of this thing called life, from the top on down, there are exceptions to every rule. As a prime example, Obama was a definite exception to the sane and honorable leadership America is accustomed to. He couldn’t pull it off.

Veterans are no different. While the majority bring their valuable experiences to the frontlines of the civilian communities they temporarily left behind, a handful of rock-headed others, never absorbed a bit of it. Instead, for reasons unknown to anyone but themselves, a very minute percentage of them become radicalized in all of the wrong ways,

Some veterans leave the military hating everything about the country they just served, and for the most part, everyone in it. The reasons shall forever remain an unsolved mystery.

Steven Carrillo, a 32-year old active duty USAF Sergeant stationed at California’s Beale AFB, is one such bad-egg who was too anxious to wait until his military service ended. Carrillo faces 1st-degree murder charges as a prime suspect in the deliberate targeting and murdering of Santa Cruz County Deputy Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller.

In Ben Lomond, an unincorporated town of 6,000 located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Deputy Gutzwiller was ambushed and killed along with two other officers who sustained injuries. No motive has been determined.

“There’s a lot that we don’t know at this point,” said Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart. ” I ask that the community be patient as we go through this investigation and the grieving process.”

The FBI, currently investigating a very recent ambush-style slaying of a deputy in Oakland, is strongly looking at a connection between the two cowardly murders. In both instances, an identical-looking white panel van was spotted by witnesses. The same type as driven by the suspect.

So. Who are we as law-abiding patriotic everyday citizens of America to trust? It’s simple. For folks like us, the rules never changed. We still continue to support our important law enforcement officials in their unyielding efforts at protecting us from the ever-increasing evil elements roaming our streets.

Cops are our next-door neighbors, deacons at our churches, Little Leauge coaches, and everything good we equate with our beloved American lifestyle. But, there is still always a chance, just as within our revered military, of a snake or two crawling in between the tracks.

Fortunately, those of us coherent straight thinking citizens living on the right side of history, understand this simple rule of human logic. Our friends living in the wretchedness of their own creation, over on the left, still believe one bad apple spoils the entire barrel.

The Democrats with amazingly transparent “seen one seen them all” attitudes of hating everyone wearing a badge are much more guilty of selective-prejudice than those of us on the right. You see. We judge people by their individuality, regardless of who they are or what they happen to do for a living. The Democrats on the other hand have the grotesque habit of lumping groups of people together as all being the same. You tell us where this racism is coming from…