Veteran Calls Out Liberal Media for Using His Photo

The liberal media has been known to steal photos as a way to further their lies. They’ve used the same photo for multiple cities. They’ve even stolen photos from other countries to use as their own. Now, they’ve gone too far by stealing the photo of a wounded veteran – and he’s calling the liberals out for their fake news.

Bobby Henline is a retired Army Staff Sergeant who was not only badly burned but also lost part of his arm when he served in Iraq. His photo has been used by the liberal media in memes to promote Donald Trump as anti-military.

Henline released a video to identify that it’s his face in the photos and that “it’s not true” about Trump. He wants all of the media to hear what he has to say: “People, stop using me for your propaganda, for your agenda.”

The meme featuring a photo of Henline is being used by the left-wing, including a narrative launched by the Atlantic, to say that there are “sources” claiming that President Trump identified living and dead members of the military as “suckers” and “losers.” The Dems have delivered a low blow – and there are plenty of military members coming forward to clear Trump’s name.

Henline makes it clear as to how he stands on the issue. “I don’t know what Trump said, but I’m sure he didn’t call me a loser. I didn’t hear him call me a loser. So this has got to stop. Stop using my image.”

Why should Henline be dragged into this argument? He fought in Iraq and served his country. The media didn’t ask if they could use his photo. They simply grabbed it and spread it around because they thought that his wounds would serve their propaganda well. Did they even know who it was? Did they assume that the person wouldn’t find out? It was inconsiderate to say the very least.

Whoever created the meme, to begin with, is unknown. However, Henline is blaming the media for spreading it – as he should. Henline, who has become a stand-up comic and motivational speaker since retiring from the military, has said, “Fox News, call me.” He wants any of the big media platforms to call him and get this out there. He is not giving his permission to be used in this propaganda. He is a Trump supporter. He, like many others in the military, does not believe that Trump would say such a thing.

It’s just another way that the Dems have proven they’re desperate. They’ll put any words they can into Trump’s mouth just so that they can look good. Considering they have Biden as their candidate, they need to do a lot better. Biden is ruining their chances of winning in November every time he opens his mouth.

There have been a number of memes featuring Henline in the past week since the article in the Atlantic came out. There have even been videos, thanks to the use of a green screen – and Henline knows what they’re doing. He has tweeted out several of his own images now, using the hashtag #Trump2020. In one tweet, he even included the invitation of “President Trump let’s do lunch.” It’s only a matter of time before word travels to Trump about the invitation.

President Trump has always made it a mission to honor the military. He shows up at funerals. He travels to the bases. He loves the military and he mourns the fallen. Here’s hoping that he takes Henline up on the offer to do lunch. A bit of press with Trump and Henline dining over burgers may be just what’s needed to squash these pitiful rumors that the liberal media has started. They really need to get more creative. In the meantime, Henline just wants to stop seeing his photo splattered all over the internet.