Violent Fake Protesters Get Arrested…Prepare to be Shocked

If this were not so sad it would be funny. Hilarious actually. It’s similar to small children playing dress-up, but this involves older kids playing dress down to pretend they care about issues they don’t understand, which in reality, have not one single thing to do with any of them.

Taking a much-needed break from their spoiled privileged lives of dining at five-star restaurants and lounging on their family yachts, a group of wannabe revolutionaries got themselves arrested for rioting at a New Afrikan Black Panther Party rally.

The clueless rich kids were arrested for painting graffiti and smashing storefront windows in Manhattan during a three-hour free-for-all. All-in-all, they caused over $100,000 in damage. The out-of-control brats were easily recognized as wealthy elites after the NYPD tweeted out their clear-skinned teary-eyed mugshots.

One of them was 20-year-old Clara Kraebber, a resident of the upper crust East Side, whose mother, Virginia Kindred, is a well-known successful architect, and whose father is a child psychiatrist who caters to other brats belonging to the wealthy.

The group was chanting, “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground,” as they were busting out windows at places they frequent. Starbucks and Duane-Reades were but a couple of their targets.

The rally had been organized by the Panthers and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement to protest the killing of Daniel Prude that happened in Rochester while Prude was in police custody.

Another one of the handcuffed brats, though older than Kraebber, was 30-year-old, Frank Fuhrmeister who resides in an enormous stately manor in Beacon Hills. Fuhrmeister studied fine arts at Florida State College and designed the logo for Joe Coffee. He has also done work for Pepsi and Samsung among other well known and high profile brands.

Next comes 20-year-old Adi Sragovich from Great Neck, Long Island. During the riot, she happened to have lost her cell phone. Borrowing a phone from one of her comrades in arms, she called her mother who promised to have it replaced immediately. Now you have to admit, that’s kind of funny.

“She hasn’t been terribly in touch, she’s been off doing her own thing,” said her mother who is an English professor at the prestigious Queensborough Community College. “I kept thinking I would get a call from the hospital or she’d get arrested because it seems like it’s just dangerous times right now.” At this point, she had not as yet been informed that her daughter had already been arrested. Once she found out she laughingly said, “At least she’s not on Rikers!”

Prior to becoming a pretend revolutionist, Sragovich was an accomplished musician who often performed at the Sea Cliff Yacht Club and local theater clubs.

Claire Severine, 27, from Washington Heights, who was also handcuffed, is a model with the We Speak agency. Prior to being signed with We Speak she jetted around the world to places like Dublin, Ireland, and Montreal, Quebec, before settling down in her posh apartment in the Big Apple.

Her modeling profile states, “Claire has always had a profound respect for nature and enjoys hiking, photographing these hikes, and trying to get other people excited about our wonderful planet! She believes beauty can be found everywhere and in everybody, if you just look around.”

Also charged with rioting was Etkar Surette, a 27-year-old Brooklyn native who as a kid spent his summers in Europe at his parent’s expense.

Twenty-year-old Elliot Rucka from Portland, Oregon, who joined the group for some fun, and was also arrested, is the son of the comic book writers, Greg Rucka and Jennifer Van Meter, who also co-created the hit ABC series, “Stumptown.”

These money drenched protesters had no business getting involved in something that didn’t pertain to them, but it just goes to show, sometimes kids just want to have fun.