Violent Protests Have Become Normalized and There is But One Way to Restore America…Vote Red

As extreme violence in Portland exceeds its 90th consecutive day, the following question must be addressed. Is this America’s new norm? Protesting, looting, torching buildings, injuries, and even death, continue rampaging our cities with greater regularity than an Ex-lax could provide.

Most recently, what we’ve witnessed in the street of Kenosha, Wisconsin, proves how it does not take much to prematurely spark a violent eruption before the actual facts are even known. It would appear as if the liberals among us are just itching for the chance to reek chaos and havoc.

“Hey everyone. A black guy just got shot by a white cop,” is plenty enough reason for them start looting and pitching rocks and Molotov cocktails at law enforcement agents who are merely attempting to save their cities from complete destruction.

It’s gotten so bad that every time a protest march as announced, even if advertised as a peaceful demonstration, local shops start boarding up their windows in preparation for the violence they know will inevitably erupt.

Then there is Antifa. Even though this violent and reckless half-ass organization claims no political affiliation, their main purpose is to instigate enough violence to get the show rocking. And no one can deny, they are very good at what they do.

Unlike the days of Martin Luther King who led peaceful marches in support of his cause, violence has now become an acceptable method of protesting. It’s all the rage, and unfortunately, it’s become normalized.

Democrat politicians have a habit of using the term, “peaceful protests.” And they might be correct if they are only referring to what generally takes place in the daylight hours. But as soon as the sun sinks low in the Western sky, these peaceful demonstrations kick into high gear.

This is when those same liberal-minded politicians turn a blind eye and shut their traps tighter than a clamshell. I’m certain we can all agree, their silence is nowhere close to being golden. Their failure to acknowledge and call out the madness only serves to make matters far worse.

The Democrats have politicized the violence, along with their co-hearts in the mainstream media, by suggesting the only way to quell these eruptions would be to kick every Republican out of office. They must be dethroned. Yet, they are the very ones promoting the continuos of the violence by their failure to openly condemn what is happening.

In short, this calls for an all-out campaign from the Republicans to publically call these half-witted Dem politicians out for what they are in actuality doing. They are purposely allowing the protests to continue so they can twist the truth. “Look at what’s happening in Trump’s America.”

The Dems were even callous enough to belittle America’s president for sending in the troops to restore peace. They cried “Nazism,” “Fascism,” and every other term they could think of but don’t really know what they mean. But the words sound good, and of course, just as they had planned, the protesters ate it up. Yum…

Democrat voters have been convinced that if Joe Biden is elected, the violence will immediately come to an end. The protesters will go home and peace will be restored. This will happen on day one. The wool has been pulled so far over their eyes that they have been blinded from reality.

Is this what we want? Those of us in the know are fully aware of how Joe Biden won’t do a thing other than to sit back and allow the chaos to continue. He isn’t capable of stopping it, and if the truth be known, he doesn’t have the mental capacity to even realize there’s a problem.

The only way to stop the normalization of violence is to give Trump four more years and let him handle the situation in an appropriate manner, even if it entails sending in the storm-troopers. We can not allow our cities to be burned to the ground, and we certainly cannot continue to allow the peaceful residents of these cities to live in fear.

On November 3, head to your local voting station and go straight red. It’s the only way.