Volunteers Who Got Injected With Pfizers COVID-19 Vaccine Have Developed Bell’s Palsy…The FDA Says, Oh Well

The Food and Drug Administration is scrambling to convince people of how an injection of Pfizer’s new COVID-19 vaccine is safer than a swallow of mountain spring water. Drink up, children. But recent results with test patients indicate it may be more akin to drinking moonshine from a rusty radiator.

It seems like four of the human guinea pigs who bravely volunteered to try the vaccine on for size during its development stage can no longer move their faces. They’ve developed a type of temporary facial paralysis known as Bell’s palsy.

Here’s where things get good. The FDA is swearing on a stack of bibles of hon this is a mere coincidence and in no way is it related to the vaccine. With America’s population standing at 331-million, there are roughly 40,000 reported cases of Bell’s palsy annually. Coincidence? You bet…

Although this is not the first vaccine to have ever caused temporary facial paralysis, in all but one instance, scientists continue with their unwarranted claim of saying injections do not cause Bell’s palsy. In 2001, a Swiss flu vaccine was given full credit for numbing noses and abruptly disappeared from the market.

The FDA has no concerns. They’re going to keep an eye on things as millions upon millions of citizens get stabbed. After all, it’s kind of hard to come to a conclusive enough determination until they see how the masses react, those masses being us.

The so-called drug experts are saying that what they are seeing is “consistent with the background frequency of reported Bell’s palsy in the vaccine group that is consistent with the expected background rate in the general population, and there is no clear basis upon which to conclude a causal relationship at this time.” No big deal.

The sort of good news was that Bell’s palsy was the only ‘imbalanced’ side effect they detected. What? As opposed to ‘balanced’ side effects? Okay. The FDA said fewer than 0.5 percent of the volunteers developed any other serious side effects. Only 0.5 percent? Serious side effects? As expected, they gave no indication of what those other serious things might have been. Mums the word.

Among the four victims to experience the paralysis, one was stricken three days after being injected. It took another three days until he could once again move his face. In another one, it took nine days to develop. But for the remaining two, it took 37 days for one and 48 days for the other. This time frame begs the question, in the long haul, what else will raise its ugly head? Nobody knows.

With the exception of the first poor guy, the other three took between 10 and 21 days to regain full use of their facial muscles.

When Bell’s palsy strikes, it does so instantly. One side of the face starts to droop as the muscles weaken, largely resembling a stroke. It generally affects only one side of the face but in rare cases can paralyze both. Many sufferers become overly-sensitive to noises, and some lose all sense of taste.

This temporary disease is uncaring of age and in some cases can slowly drag on for weeks before it resolves itself. Because of this, there are no treatments other than to let it play itself out.

But just knowing about this one pesky side effect, and knowing the FDA has no way of being certain there aren’t more deadly effects to come, is not encouraging.

So here’s a thought. Since the Democrats are all about every person and their pets, inclusive of goldfish, getting this shot, let’s let them go first as the rest of us watch.