Vote Yang for NYC Mayor and Gain Magic Mushrooms in the Process

Legalizing marijuana has already been on the table for many New Yorkers. Liberals are demanding that they get access to recreational marijuana. After all, their fellow liberals in the Pacific Northwest already have all they can ask for.

Andrew Yang, a businessman and former presidential candidate is prepared to go all-in during his run for New York City mayor. Not only will he fight to legalize recreational marijuana, but he’ll also offer up magic mushrooms to sweeten the deal.

New York City doesn’t have enough problems…let’s ensure that half the population is teetering on the edge of a psychotic break. That sounds like a great idea, let’s all elect Yang for mayor.

On a recent campaign forum, Yang has said that he’s interested in legalizing marijuana as well as psilocybin.

Psilocybin is found in the hallucinogen drug class and is commonly known as magic mushrooms. They’re often dried and eaten, allowing people to enjoy their hallucinogenic properties. The Schedule I drug has a high potential for misuse. It can lead to drowsiness, hallucinations, paranoia, panic, and psychosis.

Does that mean Andrew Yang is in favor of decriminalizing all illicit drugs? No. He isn’t ready to embrace such a broad policy change. Instead, he has said that he’s interested in ending the criminalization of those who use specific opioids.

Yang has said that “The war on drugs has been a war on people.” If certain drugs are going to be legalized, he wants to ensure that communities of color are able to participate in those economic gains.

Speaking from his entrepreneurial background, he points to the drug companies, showing how they’ve made billions of dollars selling legal opiates. As people have gotten hooked on various prescription drugs, some will choose to turn to illegal ones as a result – and then we as a society criminalize that behavior.

Yang said, “To me, this is not so much like a criminal activity problem as it is a public health problem.”

The mayoral candidate is in favor of legalizing marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms so that people can have access to various drugs without it leading to criminal activity. He has also explained that law enforcement, in his opinion, should not pursue people for the possession of illicit drugs.

During the forum in which many mayoral candidates were invited, hosted by VOCAL-NY, Yang was the only one who was providing a clear answer about the decriminalization of drugs. He took a strong stance, while others chose to back the marijuana reform without going into detail about any additional thoughts.

Eric Adams, the president of the Brooklyn Borough, has said that he’s in favor of legalizing marijuana but not in favor of decriminalizing drugs. He added the comment that “You guys know I’m ex po-po, so I have a different view on some of these things.”

Another mayoral candidate, Scott Stringer, spoke up. He said that when people are dealing with drug issues, “This is not when you take the handcuffs out.”

All of what the candidates have said is accurate. There is a mental health issue happening – and arresting people when they need rehabilitation is not an acceptable solution.

However, Andrew Yang takes things a step too far. There’s a big difference between legalizing marijuana and legalizing magic mushrooms.

Marijuana is being legalized around the country. There have been medical studies to show that it can offer health benefits, particularly to those who suffer from various conditions.

As for legalizing psilocybin, there are no medical studies to support how it can be beneficial. Making such a drug legal and readily available is dangerous. Class I drugs shouldn’t be made available to anyone as easily as a candy bar.

While Yang may think that he’s winning over New York citizens, sensibility has to kick in at some point. Making magic mushrooms legal across the city is a terrifying idea – and hopefully, most residents will realize that when they head out to vote.