Was Harris’ Failed Campaign the Result of Racism, Sexism, or Inauthenticity?

recent story reporting on Kamala Harris’ failed campaign for the presidency asked a curious question, but it might be discounting the intellect and decency of the American voter when probing the reasons behind the Senator’s failed run.

The question posed by the story asked if Harris’ recently failed campaign was the result of sexism and racism (as some on the Left are now crying) or a lack of authenticity.

The news of Harris exiting the race came as a shock to more than a few folks on both sides of the aisle, mainly because many believed her campaign “…had a strong possibility of going all the way” as the story said.

So was it as the claims of those on the Far Left suggest, an issue of sexism and racism? Or was it inauthenticity as the story suggested, that derailed Senator Harris’ run?

It is honestly speculation to say, but odds are good that it was a bit more than an issue of authenticity too. On the sexism front, the story Quoted Julian Castro, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who claimed Harris was held to “a double standard…” that “…has been grossly unfair and unfortunate.”

On the racism front, the story also cited The Independent, who blamed those on the Left for portraying her career as a prosecutor as a “racist narrative that killed her campaign dead.” Remember, all of these reasons and thoughts behind her abandoned campaign have come following her announcement of departure. That alone brings into question the credibility of such claims. We won’t even discuss the fact that we have already witnessed a female candidate win the nomination, and quite recently, so there’s that.

No, the story was right, the cries of sexism and racism being the culprit behind Harris’ failed campaign doesn’t hold water. The story claims, as previously mentioned, however, that the real problem was the lack of authenticity from the once-hopeful candidate.

Again, it is speculation, but that might be a questionable explanation as well. It wasn’t all that long ago that perhaps the driest candidate and possibly the driest human on the planet, Al Gore won the Democratic bid.

The missing consideration in the questions of Kamla Harris’ short-lived campaign is also an obvious one, the voters. The most likely culprit behind Harris’ campaign wasn’t based on anything sexist or racist, and it wasn’t likey a lack of authenticity either. In fact, it is almost an affront to the American voter to think that poorly of us. We all understand the practiced, repeated, and overused party lines, we’ve heard them how many times? Even our story said, “when people can find out who someone really is, race, gender, sexual orientation, or any of the other categories don’t really matter. Americans are smarter than that.”

It is arguably one of the President’s greatest assets, he isn’t a politician. To this, our story echoed saying “whether you love or hate the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you know exactly who he is and where he stands at all times… .”

That is very much unlike a politician, and a very rare occurrence among Presidential candidates or Presidents. Yes, that means that Donald Trump is in rarified air.

It also means that there are probably at least a few other factors as to why Kamala Harris’ campaign just died. Voters are smart and nobody ever bought the free education, free money, free-everything campaign Harris was running.

The reason Kamala Harris’ campaign died and the reason why there won’t be a Democrat to beat Trump in 2020 is because the American voter can’t be fooled that easily. The reason Harris’ campaign crashed is because there was no plan, no platform, and free everything from healthcare to education isn’t real and it doesn’t count. It also just isn’t American. It might be Socialism, but it isn’t American.

There was at least substance to Gore’s campaign, and his “save the planet” cries, although they may have cost him the election, it was at least a plan and a platform with a purpose. Harris found out the hard way that empty promises, blank checks that can’t be cashed, and whatever-the-voters want to hear campaign strategies always fail.

She shouldn’t feel too bad though, because she will have more company sooner or later in the once-ran department – and nobody wants to be alone during the holidays.