Watch as Crime Skyrockets in Biden’s America

Joe Biden promised that he knew what was best for America. Yet, he’s about to allow a significant amount of crime to happen. Americans will be left vulnerable thanks to sanctuary orders for illegal aliens.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has proven time and again that sanctuary cities don’t work. They allow illegal immigrants to stay protected from the law. It allows those same illegal immigrants to commit countless crimes.

Residents in and around sanctuary cities are victims. They don’t feel safe, and they watch crime rates skyrocket.

As for the illegal immigrants, they’re never put into jail. Democratic district attorneys allow them to run free. And ICE is never called, so they never get deported.

Joe Biden has proven that he knows what’s best for illegal aliens, not America. His administration’s version of the Department of Homeland Security has issued orders to ICE so that illegal aliens are protected from being arrested and deported.

Isn’t that great? Now, it makes it easier for illegal aliens to commit more crimes.

Now, ICE has been told they can’t seek to arrest or deport illegal aliens until they’ve committed an aggravated felony against an American – such as murder, rape, or sexual abuse of a minor.

Yep. It will have to get that bad before ICE is able to step in and do anything.

And to think that murder, rape, and sexual abuse of a minor could be prevented. Instead, Biden will simply green light the illegal aliens to commit these crimes.

Oh, and ICE also has to prioritize convicted illegal aliens first. This means that those who have only been charged with murder or rape aren’t able to be given priority.

Since these orders have been given from Biden, sanctuary cities are a thing of the past. Essentially, Biden has turned the U.S. into a sanctuary country.

The left have been yelling to abolish ICE for a while now, and Biden just gave it to them. While ICE still exists, they have been severely handicapped.

It has been estimated that there are around 20 million illegal aliens in the country – many of whom are committing crimes from misdemeanors to felonies left and right. Unless they’re convicted, though, and of an aggravated felony, ICE can’t touch them.

Basically, Biden has decided that he’s okay with illegal aliens committing crimes. Unless they’re going to rape or murder someone (and get convicted), they’re welcome to stay in the country.

He has no idea what this is going to do to the country’s crime rates. He’s been so busy listening to the demands of the left that he didn’t bother to do the research. And how does Kamala Harris, a former District Attorney, feel about this? She’s right behind him, cheering him on.

Sanctuary cities across the U.S. already have some of the highest crime rates. And now, local law enforcement agencies have been forced to release criminal illegal aliens back into their communities. Why? ICE can’t touch them since they either haven’t been convicted or haven’t been convicted of a serious crime.

Americans aren’t safe in their communities. That’s the only thing that Biden has made sure of.

He has certainly proven that he’s different from Obama. President Obama, at least, deported those who were worthy of being deported – and deported more than any other president.

Biden doesn’t want to deport. Instead, he wants to invite more illegal aliens in. He might as well hang a “welcome” sign up at the border to invite all of the criminals into the country.

Crime rates will be steadily climbing from here on out, particularly in the border regions. And they’ll continue climbing until a Democrat is the one who has been directly impacted by an illegal alien committing a crime.

Biden gets four years to destroy the country. As the crime rates skyrocket, it will prove that he’ll need to be impeached before Americans everywhere are fearing for their lives.