WATCH: Surfaced Video Leaves Biden in an Awkward Position

Someone really needs to keep a leash on Joe Biden. As the former Vice President of the United States of America, one would think that he’d know how to be a bit more politically correct. However, he continues to make blunders that leaves Democrats wondering how it is that he ended up as the last man standing on the DNC ballot.

In a time where leftist progressives are calling for a banning of the Confederate flag because it represents racism, there’s a clip of Joe calling people waving the Confederate flag “fine people.”

Joe, no. You’re ruining everything. How can you call them fine people when the rest of your party is so against them? If they’re fine people, what does that say about the progressive left that is hell-bent on destroying every piece of history?

People waving the Confederate flag aren’t racist. They’re not slave owners. They’re just proud to be a part of the South. That’s all it is. Southern Pride. And it’s why NASCAR drivers are walking away because, if they can’t wave the Confederate flag at the race to say that they love the South, they’re out.

Meanwhile, Biden is saying that they’re fine people.

Granted, this was in 1993. The world was a different place. However, he said it. He meant it. And he probably still means it today.

The “woke culture” of 2020 means that it’s not okay to like any part of history. Somehow, everything having to do with the south has become synonymous with racism. People aren’t allowed to love their heritage of being several generations of living in the south because, at one point, slaves were owned in order to till the land and maintain the plantations.

You’re not allowed to go against the woke culture in 2020 or you will be condemned.

Biden has said the same thing that Trump is saying now. Only it was in a different year.

It’s okay to want to protect statues and the Confederate flag without having racist intentions behind it. It’s all about preserving history.

However, Joe is in trouble again because he’s changing his tune. He does that a lot. The problem is that he doesn’t remember when he changes his tune. He just gets angry. He’s like that of a mental patient, suddenly waking up from a dazed and confused state to ask what year it is. Let’s just tell him it’s 1993 and see what other gems he has to say.

The best thing that Joe could do for the Democratic party is to disappear. From his comments about the fine young people waving the Confederate flag to the 1994 crime bill, everything that Biden said in the past is coming back to haunt him – and the rest of his political party.

His standing is bound to get worse as people realize some of the things that he has said. It’s all coming out – and there’s no denying any of it. There are videos. There are documents. He cannot escape his past. The Democratic Party is now realizing their mistake. The same reason they chose him as a VP to run with Obama is the same reason why they shouldn’t choose him as president. He’s got too much experience. He’s been a career politician with decades in the spotlight.

2020 might be woke, but there’s nothing woke about Joe Biden.

He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972. He entered the Senate before those who are creating the woke world we live in were even born. The world was a different place then, sure. However, one doesn’t just change their mind on how they feel about core values.

He’s said what he’s said because he means it – and now, the Democratic Party has to live with their decisions of putting Joe in the spotlight despite being the farthest thing from representing the woke culture of today.