How Many are Too Many Vitamins?

How Many are Too Many Vitamins?

( – Making sure you receive the daily recommendation of vitamins is important. It helps fortify your body against illness while giving you the necessary building blocks to maintain a healthy life. While you likely have heard of some side effects stemming from low vitamin levels, you may not have heard of side effects coming […]

Diabetes, Pain and Inflammation Linked to This Common Food Additive

( – Many of us know to avoid hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup and MSG, but those aren’t the only common food additives you might want to avoid. Research indicates that carrageenan can do some major damage to your body, from disrupting your digestive system to increasing pain and inflammation.  Carrageenan: The Basics Carrageenan […]

5 Little Known Reasons You Can’t Sleep

( – We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who occasionally have a hard time falling asleep at night. Tossing and turning, only to realize you only have a couple of hours left before you need to get up is frustrating. Falling asleep is a natural process, but disruptions can really impact our well-being. […]

8 Habits of Lucky People

( – You’ve probably played the game… would you rather be lucky or good? Many people choose that they’d rather be good than lucky when they’re taking on a challenge because it sounds like they have more control. But, what if you learned that you can truly be both good and lucky? That would be […]

7 Warning Signs You May Have Cancer

( None of us like hearing, or even want to talk about, the dreaded c-word. Cancer takes many forms, some with symptoms that are far more recognizable than others. Most forms of cancer are much easier to treat if they’re detected earlier rather than later, but that’s only possible if we’re paying attention to our […]

This Subtle Condition Could Be Sabotaging Your Health

The Subtle Condition That Could Be Sabotaging Your Health

( – Are you feeling older, achy and tired lately? Have you put on a few pounds? Is your hair thinning? Before you chalk it up to just getting older, you should know that a common condition, hypothyroidism, often goes undiagnosed. And it can wreak havoc on your health! Night sweats, irritability, weight gain, fatigue, […]

5 Daily Habits That Could Be Messing Up Your Life

( – I have a bad habit. You have a bad habit. We all have at least one. And while all the little things we do daily seem like they’re no big deal, they can really add up. Even worse? The tiny, miniscule things we do day in and day out – the most repetitive […]

Danger! 9 Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency You MUST Know About

Danger! 9 Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency You MUST Know About

( – So many health complaints that many of us experience from time to time are from non-serious causes. I, like you, have my share of occasional aches and pains, fatigue, crankiness or dealing with a foggy brain now and then. None of these issues plague me on a daily basis, but they can still be […]

Say These 5 Things Instead of “Sorry”

( – Many of us utter, “I’m sorry,” when someone bumps into us, then use the same phrase when we upset a loved one. While it’s important to express remorse when we hurt or harm someone, an apology isn’t always necessary — or effective. Consider these alternatives next time you’re tempted to say, “I’m sorry,” […]

Get Slimmer With These 10 Foods In Your Fridge

Get Slimmer With These 10 Foods In Your Fridge

( – When I’m hungry, I’m hungry! Unless food is grab-ready in the refrigerator, I will choose starchy, or sugary foods in the pantry that will sabotage my desire for weight loss. What was needed was a grocery list of foods that would be support weight loss. It needed to include foods that were easy to buy and easy to prepare […]

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