What Biden and His Lapdogs Have in Store for America Should Terrify Everyone

Donald Trump is unlike any other president that this nation has ever had. This is true in a number of senses but it is most important to note that he is a president who keeps his promises. On the other hand, anyone who has been paying attention to Joe Biden’s campaign is probably hoping that he never has the chance to become president.

The agenda that he has been speaking about is not some collection of policies that people think he might push. These are promises that he has made to his voters that he intends to keep. If he is able to take the reins, conservatives everywhere should be very nervous. It’s a crossroads moment for this country and we need all conservative hands on deck.

Christians, pro-lifers, and those who support freedom are being told that their opinions no longer matter. A number of significant moments are about to unfold. Biden is taking direct aim at the religious right first. His first order of business will be to codify Roe v Wade. This would make it impossible for any state to ban or limit abortion for any reason.

To add to this issue, the American taxpayer is going to be forced to pay for this initiative. This brings us to the next horror that Biden will be visiting upon the American people. The Hyde Amendment would be ended, allowing any federal spending bill to be used in some way to fund abortion. This amendment is all that has ever stood between this nation and a total free for all for leftists.

“Beyond that, he wants to create a ‘public option’ under Obamacare, which he describes as a Medicare-like health insurance plan that would cover abortions. So, in two different ways … he would make everybody who pays taxes in America fund abortions.

And then he would go beyond that to force businesses, private family-owned businesses to provide health insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs,” says CNS News’ Terry Jeffrey. This is the third bullet point on Biden’s list of ridiculous demands. He would definitely attempt to reinstate the Obamacare mandates and that is obvious.

““Unfortunately, the Supreme Court never really settled that issue, [so] this is a place where Joe Biden right away could do some serious damage,” Jeffrey observes. Biden’s not done there, either. The fourth area that he has promised to control is the manner in which high schools and colleges address transgender students.

In Jeffrey’s words, “he’s going to force public schools and colleges to treat biological males as if they’re females. He literally says they’re going to have to let transgenders pick their own gender identity … So literally, Joe Biden will order public schools to say that anatomical males can play on the girls sports teams, use the girls’ shower rooms, and use the girls’ restrooms. Completely outrageous, absolutely evil.”

The final policy that Biden plans to enact might be the most insane of them all. He plans to order insurance companies to cover gender reassignment surgeries going forward, even when impressionable children are involved. Jeffrey believes that these ideas were not given the proper coverage before the election.

In other words, the average citizen was not told that this is what Biden planned to do. It’s a massive overreach, which is probably why Biden didn’t overemphasize the promise. He may have even lost some of his precious leftist votes if he had tried to talk about this one too much. Everyone forgets that his voters are moderates at heart.

These types of issues are going to scare them as much as any conservative. While Biden and his ilk want everyone to believe that this country primarily skews to the left, the amount of anger that has been caused by this faulty election says otherwise. Some of these things cannot be done without the help of Congress and this is the only solace that we can take at the moment.