What Happens to the GOP Now? Who’s Their New Beacon of Hope? Hint. He’s Right Under Their Noses

The question being asked in every household in America is what is to become of the GOP with former-President Trump no longer leading the charge. Who is going to take the helm?

It certainly won’t be Mitch McConnell after the blistering words he ushered concerning Trump’s alleged active role in the insurrection. But not to worry, the playing field is full of good and decent Republican contenders itching for the chance to run with the ball, and one of them is hiding in plain sight.

Florida’s Ron DeSantis has firmly stood his ground despite the whirlwind of lies and false accusations he’s been caught up in from the liberal residents of the Sunshine State. The man is made of granite.

DeSantis is somewhat of a populist who couldn’t care less who doesn’t like his decisions as long as he’s certain he is making the right ones. He’s proven to the citizens of Florida, even to the ones who won’t admit it, that he has the ability to get things done correctly.

DeSantis has come under intense media pressure since the onset of the pandemic, yet he has waded through the hostility to reach the final destination he and the state are about to arrive at. He could have only accomplished his achievements thus far by sticking to his conservative methods of governance. He does what he was entrusted to do and he doesn’t blink.

With the number of people who retire and move to Florida, the state’s elderly population outranks all others. This was cause for great alarm but DeSantis knew just how to handle the situation. As a result, while expected to produce the highest infection and death rates in the nation, they haven’t.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, despite their large elderly population, Floridas rates are on average with other states. They land right about in the middle. This is very much unlike a certain fella by the name of Andrew Cuomo who chose the Democrat way of handling things.

DeSantis went the opposite direction from Cuomo by focusing on nursing homes and long-term care facilities from the get-go. He had the foresight to understand the disaster that could very easily erupt by not doing so.

DeSantis rebuked statewide lockdowns, instead, leaving the decisions up to local city and county authorities. And he never once gave consideration to ordering public schools to shut down. Once again. This should be a local decision as not all cities and counties experience identical infection rates.

In a recent tweet, DeSantis said, “Florida schools are open, and every parent has the right to send their kids to school for in-person instruction. Those who insist on keeping the schoolhouse doors closed are ignoring evidence and placing special interests ahead of the best interests of children and families.”

Clearly. Democrats do not like the man. At all. So much, in fact, the liberal media is taking up arms by saying he, and others like him, are secretly attempting to turn distraught and frustrated parents against Democratic policies by misleading them.

DeSantis is showing up on the radar of Republicans from other states. They admire how he has managed to keep Florida’s economy alive and thriving in ways they failed to do.

In fact, Florida has experienced an economic boom from restaurants, retail, and financial services moving to the state so they could remain in business. So yeah. Ron DeSantis is the guy the GOP should be eyeballing.

Once Biden gets done destroying the county to shambles, if he survives four years, the GOP is going to need a strong voice at the pulpit. Just like Donald Trump, DeSantis says what he is thinking when he is thinking it, and he stands by what he says, regardless.

To the GOP: Pssst…DeSantis is your man. Look no further.