What if Trump Were House Speaker Instead?

Joseph Sohm / shutterstock.com

When we talk about Donald Trump and his future, most of us immediately think of the possibility of him running for President of the United States again and maybe even winning, given Joe Biden’s horrible and disintegrating approval rating.

But what if there was another possibility? Or at least one that could happen before 2024’s November elections?

Florida Republican and House Representative Matt Gaetz says before we talk about another Trump presidency, we should consider making Trump Speaker of the House.


Well, it’s a rather good idea for the GOP for a number of reasons. Firstly, although not exactly the most important, is that it would force the current House Speaker to formally and literally hand Donald Trump, a man she’s made no secret about despising, her beloved gavel…

As Gaetz told America’s First radio show host and former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka recently, “I just think American deserves that moment when Nancy Pelosi hands Donald Trump the gavel.” And to be sure, it would be quite the sight, wouldn’t it?

She would be so mad… It makes me laugh just thinking about the possibility.

Gaetz has also mentioned that even the possibility of such a thing is enough to make the Democrats and liberal-backed media squirm. And who doesn’t like to see that happen? He even admitted that sometimes he brings it up just to troll and goad them a bit, no matter the likelihood of it actually happening…

On a more logical note, having Trump as the Speaker of the House would serve a number of conservative goals.

First and foremost, he could preside over the possible impeachment trials of both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, which of course, does have some irony to it, considering he was not once but twice ‘impeached’ by the House of Representatives under Pelosi.

Secondly, if the first goal is achieved, it would literally put Trump next in the line of succession, allowing him to possibly take back the White House and be our president quite some time before January 2025 arrives. Of course, then he could always run again in 2024 just to make sure he keeps that seat.

Now, I’m sure you have some questions about the legitimacy of this whole process.

I mean, if Trump were to be Speaker, he’d first have to actually be a member of the House, right?

Well, according to PBS NewsHour, he doesn’t. Not that this would be completely impossible anyway. He could run for the House in 2022 and, if he wins, the supposedly new GOP majority could elect him to be Speaker.

But like I said, even that’s not needed. According to the outlet, all that would need to happen is for him to be nominated by any one member of the House. As you can imagine, Gaetz, as well as a few others, would gladly do so. He would then have to receive only one vote in his favor to affirm the nomination, again, not an unlikely scenario.

Then, of course, a vote would need to occur, with the majority of the present House members voting in Trump’s favor.

And just like that, he’s in like Flynn.

However, as Gaetz has mentioned, he’s not sure Trump is all that on board with the plan.

When the ‘pitch’ was made to Trump by Gaetz, the GOP lawmaker said, “You know, I don’t know if I’ve fully got him to swallow the hook quite yet, but there’s a lot of time between now and January 2023.”

Indeed, there is.

Trump could change his mind at any moment. Then again, he may just stick with what most presume is the current plan to win back the presidency from Biden. In fact, he’s already made numerous hints that he will run and that ‘if he were president’ the things happening now in America wouldn’t be, such as the situation with Russia and Ukraine, the supply chain crisis, the ever-rising fuel prices.

In any case, with a red wave on the horizon, it doesn’t seem likely that Pelosi will hold her seat for much longer. Whether she gives that power to Trump or not remains to be seen. But boy, wouldn’t it be fun to watch it all go down?