What’s Wrong With California? The State Is Full Of Atheists!

“In God We Trust.” It’s something you see all the time because it’s printed on US currency. “One nation under God.” It’s something you say when you recite the national anthem. Using “God” is part of being American, and it’s been that way since the country was first formed.

California has been going downhill for quite some time, with Democrats running rampant across the state. They’re dragging the US down with their bleeding-heart liberalism and their desire to protect immigrants before protecting Americans.

It’s now been made clear. The state is full of atheists.

Jared Huffman (D-CA) has said that he feels it is “preposterous” for witnesses to have to say “so help me God” during an oath before they testify in front of Congress. This isn’t the first time that Huffman has gotten upset about the religious component. His Democratic-led committee tried to remove the “God reference” from O’s earlier in the year.

According to Huffman, some committees have dropped the oath while others have not. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that he comes from the state of California, a state that continuously goes against everything that the federal government does. They have even gone as far as suing the Trump administration for various things that they don’t agree on.

Huffman believes that references for God should be eliminated from government proceedings – although references to God are all throughout the government, including currency and the national anthem.

The way that the laws work right now is that the members of Congress who preside over a panel have the authority to determine the contents of a loose spoken by witnesses. A Louisiana Republican, Mike Johnson, called out Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, for leaving out “so help me God” from an oath that was being administered. Nadler apologized and readministered the oath, including the reference to God the second time around.

There have been several instances where Democratic representatives have chosen to leave out the phrase “so help me God.” Johnson has objected on several occasions – and so have other Republicans.

Huffman does not apologize for his stance regarding the oath. He feels that it is “unconstitutional” to require witnesses in a congressional testimony to affirm an oath to a deity that they may or may not believe in. The problem is that he isn’t being backed up by enough of his Democratic colleagues. Liz Cheney, the House Republican Conference Chair Representative has stood firm on the importance of having the phrase within the oath.

As a spokesperson for Liz Cheney responded, Cheney will always defend God and she will be praying for Huffman.

Politics and the church have always been intertwined. As soon as California leaders start taking an atheist approach to government, they lose sight of the Constitution and how the entire country was formed. It’s why California feels as though they can break laws and change laws as they see fit. California is the state pushing for the dismissal of the Electoral College as well as providing free healthcare to illegal immigrants while still charging Americans.

After sufficient backlash, Huffman lost his argument. The Natural Resources Committee that he belongs to has chosen to keep the phrase “so help you God” within the oath as part of the full rules package following a debate. A video of the deliberation from the committee was even posted to social media.

California is looking to get rid of genders, too. Despite the scientific opinion that there are two genders, California wants to fight with this – and so their draft rules have removed “his or her” throughout the entire document, replacing the pronoun simply to “there.” Further, references to “chairman” are now being referred to as “chair.”

There have been plenty of Democrats who are constantly looking to change the way the government runs – and not for the better. Plenty of Republicans have run into problems with the same Democrats, unable to have a conversation with them because of their inability to want to listen. Democrats feel as though they are right, regardless of whether they are speaking in a commonsense way or not.

California seems to be the leader of the pack, and with wanting to eliminate references to God, it is clear that they are atheists. This country was founded on Christian principles. Trump is a self-proclaimed Presbyterian while his wife is a Catholic. They are upholding Christian principles, so it’s no wonder why the Dems are so quick to dismiss him as a president – they are losing sight of how the country was founded, which is why they are running the state of California into the ground.