When AMLO Says You’re a Dictator – Maybe It’s Time to Listen

Finally! A voice of reason and sanity from another world leader when it comes to coronavirus lockdowns! Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, told reporters recently that lockdowns are the actions of dictatorships.

AMLO says leaders who impose COVID lockdowns are showing their “authoritarian instincts.” Someone should forward a copy of that speech to all of the Democrat governors and mayors in America. When the communist leader of a foreign country says you’re acting like a dictator, you should probably dial it back on the lockdown mania.

Not that the Democrat leaders need to worry about their own rules that are crushing the little guy. They don’t follow their own rules at all.

Gavin Newsom, the smarmy Governor of California, famously shut down his state for a second time, only to get caught dining at the swanky French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley with state health officials. No masks and a $12,000 drinks tab.

Meanwhile, Newsom’s winery has remained open throughout the shutdowns and his kids are attending in-person classes at their private school. It’s good to be in charge when there’s a public health emergency.

A few days later, San Francisco Mayor London Breed also went to the French Laundry with friends. It seems the elites all know the same hotspots that they’ve allowed to stay open. Need a haircut? Talk to Nancy Pelosi.

Austin, TX Mayor Steve Adler told residents in his city to stay home for Thanksgiving. He “phoned” the message in over a Facebook video that he was recording in Cabo San Lucas, where he was vacationing with his own family. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock told the Mile-High City to stay at home for Thanksgiving, before hopping on a plane to Mississippi for some turkey and stuffing.

Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz shut down indoor dining in his city last spring. It’s good to be in charge, though, since you can then block off an entire city street to allow “sidewalk tastings” at the wine bar that you own. This is exactly what Berkowitz did, while all of his competitors in downtown Anchorage were going broke.

That story did have a bit of cosmic justice to wrap it up, however. The TV news anchor lady that was having an affair with the married Mayor Berkowitz called him a pedophile and posted nude photos of him on her Facebook page. Berkowitz had the anchor lady arrested, but then resigned in shame about a month before the election. This was definitely our favorite and most under-reported story of 2020.

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey got an earful from a pair of authentic Jersey girls last month when he was caught dining out – mask-less – with his family in a restaurant. When Murphy’s adult son had the gall to ask the women to put on their masks as they were screaming at the Governor, they replied with a warm, New Jersey-esque, “How ‘bout you go f— yourself?”

The Governor of Rhode Island is the latest prominent Democrat to get caught breaking her own coronavirus lockdown rules. Governor Gina Raimondo told residents in her state to stay home and wear a mask at all times. Four days later, she was photographed at a swanky “wine and paint” event at a wine bar in Providence – with no mask on. (What is it with these dorks and the wine bars?)

So, the coronavirus truly has turned the world upside down. The communist President of Mexico sounds more patriotic, freedom-loving and American than many of the Governors and Mayors in America.