While BLM is Killing Children NY Police Officer Becomes a Hero to a Little Girl

Law enforcement all over the country that are located in liberal states are at the mercy of their Democratic dictators. This new election year has brought a newfound hatred for law and order and those that enforce it in these regions of the country.

Protestors are on the march destroying and murdering people with the support of their evil dictators. Police are helpless to assist the victims because they are ordered to not interfere in any protests.

There are even calls to defund the police and do away with police precincts altogether. This would enable criminals to thrive and chaos to set in. and through it all, the police are the ones that are said to be at fault for it all. But that is just not the case.

The image that liberal people have of the police is solely based on how they feel from one moment to the next. There is no rational way of thinking or a clear line of evidence that will help formulate a liberal’s opinion.

When the climate of the people is angry towards the police they will all hate them with a passion. But when the atmosphere is calm, the liberal population likes the police. Especially when one of them is saved by a police officer.

Law enforcement in general has been labeled as a bad group of people without cause. They are the ones that keep everyone safe at night and save lives when the unthinkable happens.

A New York Police officer is being branded as a hero for jumping into a pool and saving a 4-year-old girl from drowning. The mother, Carly Shaffer, stated that her daughter would be dead from drowning if the officer, Paul Munding, would not have intervened.

This hero from the Clarkstown Police Department deserves a hero’s parade for his saving the life of little Ella. Munding was off duty when he heard the call for help. Being a police officer is more than wearing a badge. It is something that a person is from head to toe.

Shaffer had a lot to say about her newfound friend and hero. She wrote that “My heart was in my stomach as I was running to her, watching her bob up and down in the water, choking. A man I briefly met, five minutes prior had made it to her first. She was taking in water and surely would have drowned. He dove in, fully dressed, shoes and all, over the side of the pool for a kid he didn’t even know. A kid he’s not related to. A kid he’s never met. He saved my kid’s life.”

This is what being a police officer is all about. Helping people they have never met.

Shaffer also stated that “From far away, in the noise and chaos of many kids happily playing and adults laughing and chatting, I heard her cry out. Not much different than a cry of annoyance that told me maybe her brother took her shovel, or her sister took her ball. You know, the usual yells. But I just knew. I knew something was wrong.”

A mother can tell the sounds that their child makes even when there is a lot of noise.

Stories like these and the many more that happen all around the country are never reported on by the dictator-controlled media. The liberal media would rather report fake news and stories about death and hatred, rather than stories of the police saving lives.

At a time when liberal hatred is at its peak towards the police, these kinds of stories need to be told. The Clarkstown Police Department stated of their officer “Great job Officer Munding!” You’ve made the department very proud.”

Police officers need the support of their public. It is not an easy job that anyone can do. They rush into hostile and even extremely dangerous situations to help those in need. The Democrats and the hateful media choose to look over this fact.

They figure that they will not need their services so there is no need to keep them around. But when the killer comes knocking on their door, the first thing they will do is call the police. Being a Democrat is an overrated irony that is simply embarrassing to live out.