White House Supporting Lockdowns in These States

The Biden administration burst onto the scene making bold statements about how they would rid the world of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, regardless of where you believe the virus came from, you must admit that the messaging has been nothing if not inconsistent.

At the beginning of the pandemic, lawmakers were so confused that left and right were accidentally agreeing, discovering they had disagreed and both retracting (which of course yielded the same result of them both agreeing again). If the world weren’t in such a panic we would have all had a good laugh at the way they all chased their tails before the platform messaging was firmly nailed down.

Unfortunately, the very not funny political repercussion of the COVID-19 virus was that some of the most aggressive proponents of big government got a little taste of what total control over a nation felt like, and they haven’t wanted to let it go. Americans have gotten to see on an accelerated scale that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The leadership of Republican states began to stand up against these measures as soon as it became apparent that there was a significant amount of manipulation happening within the halls of Congress and state capitol buildings.

However, as the pandemic began to diminish, the thirst for power did not, and the jonesing politicians seem to have one thing on their minds: how to once again yank on the strings of the American people.

To that end, the Biden administration has made it clear that they’re not willing to say they won’t use drastic and illegal measures to restrict the movements of the American people, in fact, when questioned point-blank, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was delightfully vague about how they planned to deal with a potential spike in COVID cases but indicated that they would support lockdowns if initiated by the States.

According to a White House transcript Psaki said was asked by a reporter “If the number of cases continues to trend upward, are there any circumstances under which the White House would reimpose some of those restrictions as cases tick up? Or would that be up to the states?”

Psaki’s response was indirect at best, and troubling at worst:

“Well, the states are going to have to make evaluations and local communities are going to have to make evaluations about what’s in their interests,” she said. “And, as you know, there are much higher rates of vaccinations in some parts of the country over others, and we certainly support their decisions to implement any measures that they think will help their community [be] safe.”

In other words: If your state has a Democrat for a governor that isn’t afraid of being voted out in the upcoming election, watch out, because they’ll have the support of the federal government when they try to get in good with their buddies and lock you down.

The indication here appears to be that while they don’t want to freak out their already suspicious nationwide audience, they’re totally willing to do what most Americans feel they don’t have a right to do and attempt to make people who aren’t sick be restricted to save those who could become sick if the not sick were really sick and just didn’t know it.

They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and at this point, if someone were to tell the story of America today, its politics, and its COVID policies to someone who’d never heard of this pandemic but had somewhat of a grasp on what freedom is or what they’d like it to be, they would likely call each and every one of us insane for submitting to this, especially for not even bothering to get the real truth about the virus we’re turning our lives and futures upside down to run from.

Because, remember guys and dolls; you can vote communism in, you just can’t vote it back out again.