Why Are Some People Idiots and Won’t Stay Home During the Pandemic?

With all of the orders that have been put into place all across not only the country but the world, the level of stupidity cannot go unnoticed.  When authorities tell people for a hurricane or natural disaster to evacuate immediately, some stay put.

When authorities tell people to stay home to ease up on the pandemic, they all want to evacuate and go out and party.  It seems nowadays no one wants to listen.  This is a sacrifice we all have to make if we want the world to get cleaned up from COVID-19.

What people do not realize is the more they go out when it is not necessary, they are exposing themselves to the virus, and they can also be carriers of the disease and not even know it.  They are spreading the virus to those who may not be able to fight off the illness.

For many, they are following the instructions given to them by local officials, governors, and the President.  We thank all of them!  Some cannot stay at home as they have to go to work, and that is certainly understandable.  Others need to get out for the basic necessities required to survive.  These are also acceptable.

Psychologists have looked into the reasons why some people can’t seem to follow these instructions.  The worst reason is just plain ignorance, and for that, there is no cure.  These times have disrupted our normal everyday lives, and ignorance is a disease worse than the COVID-19 itself.

Ignorance causes the spread of the virus faster than anything else.  Some shoppers are just out to shop and fill the aisles.  Spring breakers are the worst by packing the beaches and the local businesses which remained open.  What brings about all this ignorance in one’s mind?

Psychologists are saying many reasons can cause this, but the final answer would be human nature.  Gordon Asmundson, a professor of psychology at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, is studying how people respond to the coronavirus outbreak.  He broke down everything into three categories.  There are the over responders, under responders, and those who don’t care.

We have seen the over responders buy out all the stock of toilet paper and hoarding supplies leaving many in need without.  Asmundson says they use this to calm their fears as it gives them power.  Most would call it selfishness.

Those who seem to not care are the ones who are following instructions and trying to make the best of the situation while being home.  They tend to be more relaxed and are not panicking out in public.

Then we find the worst of the bunch.  These are the under responders.  These idiots defy the level of stupidity and are usually the ones who end up crying for help, sick, or dead.  The under responders are the ones who cause the most trouble and, in this particular time, are the ones who are spreading the virus.

These idiots are not following social distancing.  Some claim there is no virus and are in a state of denial that they, too, can contract it.  If the virus continues to spread without decline, these are the ones who need to be held accountable along with China.

Vaile Wright, the American Psychological Association’s Director of Clinical Research and Quality, explained how those who panicked and hoarded all of the toilet paper are alike in the sense of defiance.  Both are ignoring public orders.

Wright stated, “One of the challenges with uncertainty is it reminds us of things that are out of our control.  I think this sort of defiance, to a certain extent, is trying to regain control.”

Steven Taylor, a clinical psychologist and author of “The Psychology of Pandemics,” explained how the under responders don’t feel like it is there a problem, to begin with.  It is someone else’s issue to deal with.  This can be the most selfish of all the attitudes to have.

Taylor stated, “Maybe it’s wishful thinking [on their part], but people are downplaying the significance, maybe because they’re not seeing people in their communities coming down with the virus.”  Taylor also stated, “People are getting numbed out.”

Many feel there is overexploitation, and people are sick of hearing about it.  This can definitely be blamed on the media.

Safety and consideration should always be a priority.  Taylor summed everything up by saying, “Community effort is the only way of managing [coronavirus].  They’ve got more than themselves to consider.”