Will Gavin Newsom Trade His Title in for Senator?

Being the governor of California isn’t easy. There are budgetary concerns, homelessness, raging wildfires, and countless other problems. However, Gavin Newsom may have figured out a way to get out of the position and get himself an even more prominent position.

According to the Seventeenth Amendment, filling a vacant seat is Newsom’s responsibility. Now that Kamala Harris has become the Vice President, there’s a Senate seat in his state that needs to be filled.

So, who is he going to choose to fill the seat?

There are plenty of people who are interested. As Senator Dianne Feinstein has said, the person up for the job is “a good Californian.”

It’s going to be a Democrat. It’s going to be someone who calls California home. But who, exactly?

Some of the names being thrown out include Hilda Solis (LA County Supervisor), Karen Bass (Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman), and Xavier Becerra (CA Attorney General). Sure, any of those people could be appointed by Newsom.

Then, there’s the more obvious choice. He could choose to fill the vacancy with himself.

Could he do that? Absolutely. It would be one of the most egotistical moves in political history, but he could choose himself. And no one would even be surprised if he did it. This is Gavin Newsom that we’re talking about after all.

With so many Dems eyeing the position, Newsom’s going to make enemies no matter who he chooses. If there are 50 people raising their hands for the job, he’ll make one friend and 49 enemies. So, he could choose himself and end up with 50 enemies.

Many say that Governor Gavin Newsom has dreams of being the president one day. Sources close to him say that he was crippled when he found out that Kamala Harris was becoming the VP.

Would Newsom have a better chance of making it as president if he spent a few years in the Senate, first? Absolutely. Obama, Nixon, LBJ, Kennedy, and a long list of others were senators before President. Of course, there are ways to just jump right into being president – Clinton served as governor before going into the White House.

Newsom has a big decision to make. However, he may not be responsible for filling just one position.

There’s also the possibility that he’ll have to fill Diane Feinstein’s position. She may get a position in the Biden administration before choosing to retire once and for all. At 87 years old, she’s the oldest sitting Senator – and many believe it’s time for her to bow out.

This means that Newsom could potentially choose himself and another to head to DC.

Many political analysts look at who could make all of California happy – and there is no right answer. Fernando Guerra, a professor at Loyola University, explains that the state is huge. Do you choose someone from the north or the south? There’s a lot of competition, from sports to politics, so it’s not an easy decision.

It’s possible not to choose someone who is a politician. Guerra throws out Oprah Winfrey. She’s a celebrity and a billionaire, and it’s not uncommon for Californians to go in that direction. However, Winfrey has sent mixed signals in the past as to whether she’d even be interested.

Of course, Black Lives Matter is demanding that Newsom appoint a black woman to fill the seat and that it is “non-negotiable.”

It’s a decision that’s almost impossible to make. Do you give into the “demands” of BLM? Do you choose someone who is a close personal friend? Or, do you turn your back on everyone in order to pursue your own political dreams?

Newsom still has a bit of time before he has to decide. He’s not dealing with the pandemic or the economy well, so it may be easier for him to run to DC with a new title. The only problem is, he’s one of the highest-paid governors – he’d take a pay cut of about $20,000 to become a Senator.