Woman Arrested at a School Board Meeting for Improperly Wearing Her Mask

The mask police are at it again. A woman from New York was arrested and then detained by sheriff’s deputies at a school board meeting on Wednesday night. The altercation came after she refused to fully cover her nose when she was wearing her mask.

Shannon Joy is not only a mother of one of the school’s students, but she is also a radio host in Rochester, New York. She live-streamed the local authorities removing her from the Fairport Central School District school board meeting.

She posted this message to social media, “Yup. I was handcuffed & detained by Monroe County Sheriff tonight for inappropriately wearing my mask at the Fairport School District board meeting.”

Joy was eventually charged with criminal trespassing.

There is a video that shows an unnamed school board member asking for a recess during the meeting due to the fact that people were “refusing to wear masks.” This caused a number of women in the room to protest. They told the board member who they identified as “Mary” that they had places to be and wanted to continue the meeting.

Mary Caitlin Wight serves on the Fairport school board, but the video does not confirm that she was the person who asked for the recess. After asking for the delay and having the motion seconded, Shannon Joy, who had her mask over her mouth but below her nose, had this to say to the school board: “This is not leadership. You asked us to be respectful of you, and you can’t respect the taxpayers and citizens. This is silly.”

This comment caused the board to ask Joy to leave the meeting. They indicated it was due to her mask not covering her nose completely. She lowered her mask and got on Facebook Live from her phone so that she could notify people about what was transpiring at the meeting.

Just a few minutes late, three Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies entered the room and took Joy outside. They detained and handcuffed the mother. Joy captured the moments before she was handcuffed on video.

She would later write in a post online: “The irony, I was arrested for wearing my mask improperly. By a barefaced police officer and another with the mask under her chin. How is this America?”

Joy later added to the post, “Ok let me amend this. I was told to leave a public meeting because my mask was on the tip of my nose and not the BRIDGE of my nose. When I declined to leave for such a stupid reason they declared I was TRESPASSING and had me arrested in [sic] charged with criminal trespass.”

Joy would later tell The Daily Wire, “It is becoming blatantly apparent that the Fairport School Board, Superintendent Brett Provenzano and outside organization ‘Black In The Burbs’ collaborated to create meeting conditions designed to result in my arrest.”

She continued with this in the interview, “I have been an outspoken community organizer with a large media platform and am often critical of the board’s policy & practices regarding masking, coerced vaccination, Critical Race Theory & Comprehensive Sex Education.”

Joy explained that people with the authority are frightened of transparency and organic, open discourse and they are trying to “silence, intimidate and publicly humiliate me to serve as a warning to any other parent who dares to speak up.”

But this mother warned that they have now inadvertently “outraged our community even further.” She promised that her attorneys at Hogan Willig will get all the charges dropped and that she would be looking to file lawsuits.

There has been no response from the local school board about the incident.