Woman Injured for Violating Yellowstone Closure Order

People are getting desperate to get out of their homes and back out into life. President Trump has been pushing leaders around the country to get their areas open for the sake of the people and the economy.

But for many, the efforts to reopen are going way to slow. And in Democratic-controlled areas, they are being told the lockdown will be extended for more months to come. Their actions to control people are causing riots and protests around the country. The extended Democratic lockdowns are causing people to take in on themselves to enter areas for mental stability.

At Yellowstone National Park a woman was burned when she entered the closed park. She accidentally fell into a thermal feature of the Old Faithful Geyser. The park has been shut down because of the coronavirus since March 24.

People have been locked in their homes for months. For many, the mental strain is too much for them to bear and they have to get out and have fun. This woman still had the responsibility to follow the laws. But when a person is mentally compromised it can affect their rational judgment.

Proof of that is seen in the way that the Democrats make decisions. Newsom is the best example of crazy thinking. His plan to cut power to stop wildfires make no sense at all. He also decided to give money to illegals and not to regular citizens that were suffering poverty because of not being able to work. This woman was simply acting like a Democrat when she decided to defy the closure order of the park.

The park stated that “Water in hot springs can cause severe or fatal burns, and scalding water underlies most of the thin, breakable crust around hot springs. Hot springs have injured or killed more people in Yellowstone than any other natural feature.”

The woman, not thinking clearly, tried to take pictures of the geyser and ended up backing right up into a hole that the gases come out of. Essentially she jumped into a volcano vent. She even tried to hide her crime by dragging herself back into her car and trying to drive off. But she was caught by rangers and airlifted to the hospital.

Her actions are a picture of the Democrats and their behavior. The Democrats act like the law does not apply to them. So, they engage in actions that are questionable and illegal most of the time.

They also try to drive away from the scene by hiding their crimes with secret measures. Once they are found out they have to be forced to admit their crime. The Democrats think they are above the law and that they do not have to obey the laws of the land.

She was taken to a hospital in Idaho. The rangers found that she drove about 50 miles before stopping her. The park rules state that all visitors are to stay on the pathways. But she thought she could walk into an area that was restricted. She got what was coming to her. Failure to do so can result in legal action.

Trespassing in the park can land a person in jail for 10 days. Park rules state that “Thermal area safety is an extremely important part of any trip to Yellowstone. We ask visitors to take the Yellowstone Pledge before coming to the park and to read the park visitor guide for more information on safety, rules, and regulations.”

People that think they are above the law like the Democrats are going to suffer injury when they leave the safety of the path. Democrats that believe they are above the law seek to do their things. They think that nothing will happen to them. But every time they are discovered and suffer great humiliation. But they never really learn their lesson.

The parks are going to open soon. President Trump wants people to get their lives back and in order soon. He is urging lawmakers to open their regions soon. He has led the country through a bad time and he has done so successfully.