Wow: Look at the Insult Pelosi Slung at Republicans

I think it’ pretty safe to say at this point that Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s mind has gone the way of the dodo bird. That is to say; she has officially lost it. Once the ever calm and collected adult in the room, Pelosi now stands leading the chaos that has come to define the unhinged left.

If you ever needed any proof of this, look no further than her recent interview with Jake Tapper. In the discussion, as always, was the upcoming election and its possible results. Tapper asked the speaker if she and in so saying, her party could accept the outcome if it turns out that Trump wins. Her immediate reply was, “of course.”

But, of course, he would only win if he and his fellow Republicans continued to discourage mail-in voting and, in so doing, would become “domestic enemies to our voting system…enemies of the state.”

As MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin can be heard muttering, “wow.”

It’s a little dramatic, don’t you think? I mean, “enemies of the state” for questioning the logistics and security of mail-in voting as it is being proposed for the November election?

Then again, as I mentioned before, we shouldn’t really be shocked by this. Pelosi has appeared to be losing it for a while now.

I’d say since somewhere around last September or so, if I had to pinpoint an exact time frame. You might remember that was about the time she finally allowed the impeachment inquiry to begin. Before then, she was pretty much the level headed and even semi-reasonable politician she had always been.

When her cohorts came to her upset about Republicans or Trump, she wisely made them wait for more evidence. She knew that jumping in too soon, no matter how passionate one might be, would only end in failure for the party. And she, like the old and wise typically do, was patient enough to wait.

But when she finally let the cat out of the bag, there was no holding back. She almost immediately turned into a snake after one thing: Trump’s demise. When Russiagate failed her, she turned to just about anything possible that could ruin the president. And one thing after another has failed, leaving her constantly on the lookout for more, constantly on defense, and constantly trying to back her play and keep from crashing and burning.

The Post Office conspiracy is just her latest attempt. And now that this has also unraveled, she is franticly trying to keep from falling apart. She has to keep the narrative of the left going at any cost.

It’s just a shame the price of that narrative is her sanity.

How else can you explain comments that go far beyond strategy and politics but instead seem to be motivated by petty contempt?

Take that time in May, when she referred to Trump as being “morbidly obese.” Or what about when she said that Republicans were literally getting away with murder when George Floyd died? And then, of course, there is her new habit of calling COVID-19 “Trump-virus.”

You tell me, do these comments sound like a woman of sound mind and in full control of her herself? No. Instead, they are much more reminiscent of the ramblings of a crazed and demented has been.

But what is even more deranged about this is that the media, time and time again, acts as though Trump is the crazy one. Pelosi rambles on, now even insinuating that Republicans are trying to commit treason for not letting our voting system be rewritten entirely, and yet they just nod and say ‘yep, that’s right.’

Can you imagine if President Trump or even someone like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Pelosi’s counterpart labeled the opposing party as “enemies of the state?”

I’m pretty sure we’d have a war on our hands. Pelosi and her goons would be protesting so loudly we’d never hear anything else.

If it proves anything, it’s that Pelosi and her pals are desperate for a win here, and she’s going to say whatever to keep the boat moving in that direction.