Yes, The First Lady Visited a Children’s Hospital During a Pandemic (And Yes, It Was Amazing)

How could she? What is the First Lady thinking of visiting a children’s hospital during a global pandemic?

According to the liberal media, whatever Melania Trump chooses to do is wrong. She is well aware that there is a pandemic – and she’s taking every precaution necessary to keep the children safe. She is also aware of traditions – and wants to spread joy whenever and wherever she can.

It has been a longstanding tradition for the First Lady to visit children’s hospitals during the Christmas season. So, Melania Trump wanted to be sure that she didn’t break tradition.

Her fourth and final visit to a Washington children’s hospital was made – and she joined in quite a few of the festivities.

Although the Democrats are determined to squeeze as much joy out of 2020 as possible, with business closures and demands to stay away from loved ones, it is nice to see that the Trump administration is still spreading joy.

It is possible to spread joy and not COVID this year. It’s impossible to listen to the liberal media 24/7 as they are all doom and gloom.

Melania Trump has said that visiting the children’s hospital is one of her favorite events of the season – and she wanted to be sure that she could still participate.

Although the children may be dealing with various medical conditions, the Christmas spirit is alive in each and every one of them. The hospital has made some changes to be safer during the pandemic, though the holiday program continues.

Bess Truman was the first First Lady to start the tradition of visiting a children’s hospital in Washington DC. Ever since the first ladies prioritize this is one of their top events. Some visit more than others – and Melania Trump has made it a point to visit several times to ensure the kids maintain their high spirits.

According to the chief executive officer of the hospital, Dr. Kurt Newman, Mrs. Trump has been spreading holiday cheer to the kids who can’t be home during this time of year – and they offer their gratitude for the time that she spends with them all.

In years past, Mrs. Trump would read to a large crowd of patients with singers and dancers around. This year, she sat in front of a huge Christmas tree and read to two patients who were seated on the carpet in front of her.

The story, “Oliver the Ornament Meets Marley & Joan and Abbey” was recorded live and broadcast in a closed-circuit system to the rooms of patients all over the hospital so that they could be a part of it. While it’s different, it’s also safer – and it ensured that everyone had the opportunity to be involved.

The story that Melania Trump chose was near and dear to her heard because the stories, written by Todd Zimmerman, teach about kindness, particularly as they pertain to bullying. This has been one of the first lady’s primary projects – to raise awareness of online bullying and the harmful effects that it has.

Once the story was read, the first lady moved on to call numbers in a Bingo game while “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey was played through the speakers.

Who said it’s not possible to have a little fun and spread a little joy even though there’s a pandemic happening? Kids need a little bit of joy, and it was beautiful that Melania Trump was able to spread a bit during her visit.

The hospital has also celebrated 150 years of pediatric care as of this year.

Although the liberal media may try to rain on the first lady’s parade, she upheld a tradition. And yes, she removed her mask to read the story so that she could be heard – while the two kids in front of her continued to wear theirs and were seated six feet away.