Yet Another “Computer Glitch” – Oakland County, MI Flips After Fraudulent Numbers Discovered

Oakland County, Michigan voters have been deprived of their right to a fair and just election like so many others have over the past week. These “computer glitches” always seem to favor the leftists but no one is realizing this….except for us. The conservative voters of this country are being told that they are no longer important.

A GOP member was flat out robbed in this county. Instead of taking responsibility, a computer glitch was blamed. Once this was identified as the reason for him losing the race, anger started to grow. The voting machines that were manipulated in Michigan are very similar to the ones that were tampered with in Georgia.

A report was issued over the report that should have stopped everyone dead in their tracks. 6,000 votes flipped from President Trump over to Biden. Since the same Dominion software is used in a variety of counties, the GOP wants to know why more recounts are not taking place. If this mistake was made in Richmond County, it was probably made in other counties.

“UPDATE: Michigan’s #AntrimCounty flipped to a win for #DonaldTrump after an election-software glitch was fixed today. Revised totals now show that Trump won by an estimated 2,500 votes. Michigan’s GOP Chairwoman, Laura Cox is calling for 47 other counties in Michigan to closely examine their results for similar discrepancies,” says Scriberr News.

At least one organization seems ready to challenge the Democrats on all of this. The swing states that moved the election away from the current president and handed it to Biden all used this software. Why shouldn’t they be taking the time to count up their votes again, too? Georgia voters may not have wanted to reckon with the fact that their votes were being tampered with but it was happening there as well.

Adam Kochenderfer is one of the Oakland County Republicans who was affected by what took place. At first, he was told that he had lost the race in question. Once the “system glitches” were finally addressed, Kochenderfer was told that he had gone from losing the race to winning it. Even MSN was willing to provide the real story:

“A computer error led election officials in Oakland County to hand an upset victory Wednesday to a Democrat, only to switch the win back to an incumbent Republican a day later. In Oakland County’s 15th County Commission District — representing Rochester and Rochester Hills — the initial count gave a 104-vote margin to the Democrat, Melanie Hartman, amounting to a razor-thin majority of 50.08%.

Apparently, there was a technical glitch in Rochester Hills. And so I actually ended up winning by a little over 1,100 votes,” said a chuckling Kochenderfer. MSN went on to say that the margin was 1,127 votes, to be exact. This provided him with a 51.67% share of the vote total (with 48.23% going to his opponent, Hartman).

All of the states that used these machines will now need to perform an audit. Paper totals and official results must be agreed upon. If they are not properly tied to the computer totals, these outcomes are not correct. Unfortunately, we seem to be the only ones who are truly worried about any of this.

This outrageous cheating has caused a number of Americans to lose faith in the electoral system. The Democrats advertised their willingness to swipe the election through faulty machinery. It is now up to the rest of us to do something about their cheating. In the meantime, we hope that the current president is able to handle the problem.

In many instances, it often feels as if Trump is all that stands between this nation and certain ruin. Unless his current pleas are being heeded, we shudder to think of what is going to end up happening next. This country is starting to circle the drain right before our very eyes. It’s sad to see but there is little that can be done until these wrongs have been righted.